I'm sorry you could not start TXM.

It's surprising that TXM did not work since it's based on Eclipse RCP. Lets find out what happened.

For both platforms, is TXM showing at least its splash screen ? If no, it could mean that TXM found a JVM but not with the right architecture.

You can also find execution log files:

 - for Windows: TXM creates 2 files in the "application data" directory (you can use the "OpenStartUpLogsDirectory.bat" script in your TXM install folder to go directly in the right folder). You can alos run from "cmd" using the content of the "TXM.bat" file (also in the install directory).

 - for Mac OS X: run TXM from Terminal using the following file:



Thanks for your help,

Matthieu Decorde



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Le 2014-02-28 17:11, Tyler Williams a écrit :

Dear list members,
I'm new to TXM and the list, so apologies if this query has already been addressed before.  I have installed TXM onto both Mac OS 10.9 and Windows 64 bit operating systems (wanted to try it out on both), and have been successful with neither.  Both are running Java 7 and Eclipse 64 bit.  But I can't start up either one, and don't get any error messages, so am not sure where to start to diagnose the problem.  Any suggestions?
With thanks,

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