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2step v9.0 (Stark) has been released.

2step v9.0 sports an completely overhauled grammar. The biggest change is that
the 2step language now is strongly typed making it easier to work with Java
objects. The new grammar allows to work with ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
as JDO (Java Data Objects) or JPA (Java Persistence API).

The implications of changing the language from weak to strong typing are deep
and extends along all the language constructs. Compilation has been simplified
as types are not needed to be inferred anymore, which was one of the biggest
shortcomings of previous versions. ... read more

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2013-09-10

2step v8.0 released

2step v8.0 binaries and sources has been released. The new version of this web application development framework written in Java features a new web app administration tool that has its own context and is common to all the applications being served.

The new administration also sports a context manager and allows to reduce the memory footprint of applications being served and improve overall performance.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2009-12-30

2step v7.1 released

This new version of 2step includes several changes:

* New model syntax integrated with the language. Now each model is generates as it own class that can have and override methods, be subclassed, etc.
* Cron tasks managed dinamycally from administration.
* Integrated with newer jetty 6.1.
* Welcome pages supported.
* CAPTCHA generation integrated.
* Improved ResultSet handling: are garbage collected automatically instead of explicit tracking for destruction. This allows better behaviour with newest JDBC drivers.
* Some 2step administration aesthetic improvements.
* Enhanced context manager.
* Other bug fixes, refactorings and minor tweaks hard to list.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2008-10-14

2step plug-in for Eclipse 3.x v2.0.0 released

2step is a development framework written in Java for developing complete web applications (including web services). As a servlet framework features access control, logging, I18N, database access, deploy, XML/XSL, etc, and uses Jetty, FOP and jCharts.

A new version of the 2step plug-in for Eclipse (v2.0.0) has been released. It has been testes with latest Eclipse release (Europa, v3.3), and also v3.2, but it might work with any 3.x Eclipse version.... read more

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2007-11-21

2step 7.0 and 2step plug-in for Eclipse v1.1.1 released

2step 7.0, the web application development environment, has been released on Source Forge.

This release have several language improvements as improved link generation, inner templates, improved and programmable URL schema, and many other.

Aditionally, some performance refactorings and bug fixes over last version.

The 2step Eclipse plug-in v1.1.1 will work with Eclipse 3.X and has some improvements (enhanced outline) and support for the new 2step 7.0 language features.... read more

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2007-05-31

2step eclipse 1.0.0. released

Eclipse plug-in for developing 2step applications using Eclipse IDE has been released.

The plug-in works with Eclipse 3.1 and features an editor with syntax-highlighting and outline for 2step files, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, and other. Plug-in can start and stop 2step server, auto-compile 2step applications, show compilation problems and warnings integrated with the Eclipse IDE, and finally plug-in allows to edit web application contexts from Eclipse.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2006-05-08

2step 6.1 released

2step 6.1 is an update of previous 6.0 version. There are no major features but minor fixes in this new release. It's worth to mention the new AJAX SQL Console and the possibility of developing 2step applications from Eclipse with the Eclipse plug-in released today.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2006-05-08

2step 6.0 released

This new release 6.0, features the inclusion of Jetty as the default web server and servlet engine used by 2step although Tomcat or any other servlet engine may be used.

Another important new feature is the support for XML/XSL transformations, and the inclusion of the Formatting Objects Processor library that can generate, among other formats, PDFs from XSL-FO.

Last but not least, this new release features a new and easier model / view implementation for accessing persistent data, and a new application unit concept is used for easing the development of large applications.... read more

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2006-01-30

2step 6.0 coming soon

2step 6.0 will be released during the following days.

It features XML/XSLT support, improved error reporting, several language extensions and some minor changes and enhancements.

A new Eclipse plugin for adding 2step support to this IDE will also be released. The plugin features syntax highlighting and outline for 2step files, incremental compilation, server integration and project support.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2005-12-28

2stepIDE v1.1 released

An updated version of the 2step IDE (being strict is more an editor, based on jedit-syntax project, than an IDE) has been released with several bugfixes and updated syntax highlighting for new 2step grammar.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2004-10-25

2step 5.0 released!

2step 5.0 has finally been released. 2step is template system for developing web applications, written in Java. It is a servlet that can be used in any servlet engine, with any relational database, and in any operative system.

There are so many new features that they will not be listed in this text, but some of the most important are:

* Easier installation
* Easier application development
* Easier application deployment
* Faster learning curve
* Integrated web server and servlet engine
* More complete documentation
* A tutorial is included in package
* Some sample applications are included in package
* ... and a lot more.... read more

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2004-10-01

2step v5.0 coming soon

2step v5.0, an application server for developing web applications in Java, will be released at the middle of August with lots of new features and a complete documentation and tutorial.

New release is even more faster and reliable than previous ones. A lot of effort is being expended in easing development cycle with tools for compiling, deploying and debugging web applications and a new complete documentation and tutorial that will make possible to other developers use 2step at their wish.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2004-07-21

2step v4.0 released!

More than 7 monthes of effort have been needed for this new version to come. 2step is a template engine for developing web applications (as intranets, e-commerce, or sites as SourceForge). In this new version, language grammar has been rewritten, making 2step easier to learn and more powerful than ever. But there is much more: the engine has been improved, making generation of dynamic pages very fast (more than 50% compared to prior versions), and jCharts library now is used for generating server-side dynamic images.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2003-08-30

2step IDE v1.0 released

2step now has an Integrated Development Environment, a editor for 2step developers.

Using jedit-syntax package as the core editor of IDE, 2stepIDE features several tools and facilities for developing 2step applications, as the internationalized sources editor.

2stepIDE is a Java application, so it's platform-independent.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2003-01-23

2step v3.4 released

A new version of 2step system has been released. Features several initialization improvements and bugfixes.

It also includes some documentation. Still working producing more of it.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2003-01-23

2step at Sourceforge

Today (25th of October) 2step has become an open source project. I've just uploaded source files at CVS as well as compiled JARs.

The documentation will be soon available.

There is an mini-IDE for 2step programming language in alpha stage that soon will be released.

Posted by Jose R. Cabanes 2002-10-25