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twitux-0.69 released

NEW in 0.69:

- Display messages in notification, not count of tweets. (Thomas Thurman)
- Use https, not http api. (Evan McClain)
- Fix incorrect pluralising of relative time. (Deskin Miller)
- Fixed #1998551, the double-escaping of < and >. (Mike Lundy)
- Fixed #1961611, character count behavior. (Brian Pepple)

Posted by Brian Pepple 2009-01-25

twitux-0.68 released

NEW in 0.68:

- Fixed #1963695, Save avatars a little more sensibly. (Brian Pepple)
- Use Enchant, instead of ASpell. (Brian Pepple)
- Add option to have sound notication when new tweets arrive . (Brian Pepple)
- Add help (Brian Pepple)

Posted by Brian Pepple 2008-12-14

twitux-0.65 released

- Add support for Online Accounts Service (Marina Zhurakhinskaya, Colin Walters)
* More info about OAS can be found here:
- Fixed #2122886, Fix date parsing on other than C/POSIX locale (Hiroshi Miura)
- Fixed #2083410, have textview in send message dialog get focus.
- Fixed #1961570, time issue w/ "1 hour" & "1 minute". (Derick Rethans)
- add Japanese translation (Hiroshi Miura)

Posted by Brian Pepple 2008-12-03

Twitux 0.62 released

- Fixed #1927666, timeline date bug. (Daniel Morales) - [HIGH]
- Convert to GtkBuilder, and drop glade requirement. (Brian Pepple, Daniel Morales)



Package changes:
- Dropped libglade dependence

Posted by Daniel Morales 2008-04-30

Twitux 0.61 released

NEW in 0.61:

- Fixed #1882842, port to libsoup 2.4 api. (Dan Winship, Brian Pepple)
- Fixed #1887777, minimize to tray, instead of quitting when hitting 'X' on main window. (Brian Pepple)
- Fixed #1897030, thread system is not yet initialized (Daniel Morales)
- Fixed word wrap in list view (Daniel Morales)
- Port to gio from gnomevfs. (Brian Pepple)
- Drop gnome requirements for now. (Brian Pepple)
- Cleaned up code to quite some compiler warnings. (Brian Pepple)
- Added preference: show Fullnames or Usernames (Daniel Morales)
- Added double click shortcut on tweet list to reply tweets (Daniel Morales)
- Post 'from twitux' on Twitter web (Daniel Morales)... read more

Posted by Daniel Morales 2008-03-10

Twitux 0.60 released

NEW in 0.6:

- Fized #1778008, Main window does not resize.
- Fixed #1773179, UI doesn't remember position.
- Fixed #1775052, add spell checking support.
- Fixed #1775053, add NetworkManager support.
- Fixed #1777286, option to log in on start up.
- Added gnome-keyring support.
- Removed trademarked icons, and replaced with icon with CC license.
- Install theme friendly icons.
- Simplify the support of a new language for translators.
- Major rewrite of client.

Posted by Daniel Morales 2007-12-30

Twitux 0.50 released!


-- Bugfixes

-- Notification area icon

-- GUI-Notifications windows

-- Autoreload timelines

and more.. :)

Posted by Daniel Morales 2007-08-13

Twitux first release!

check the wiki for details:

Posted by Daniel Morales 2007-07-30