TWiki New Production Release

It is available from

Upgrading from the last production release (01 Sep 1999) is described in

Changes since the last production release:

* Statistics about usage and contributions. This can be used for an incentive program to give your collaborations a jump-start, i.e. to elect a "contributor of the month".
* Inline search using %SEARCH{"str" ...}% variable.
* Preferences like edit box size can be set by editing topics. There are site-level, web-level and user-level preferences.
* Better security with taint checking (perl -T option).
* Uploading a file (e.g. attaching a file to a topic) will optionally create a link to the uploaded file at the end of the topic, or show the image inline for JPG and GIF files.
* Some other minor changes.

Posted by Nicholas Lee 2000-05-02