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Posted by Ryan Glasnapp 2003-10-24

Re: First Release

Well, it looks like I missed a couple things on the first release. So I rereleased it.
1) I forgot to include the file
2) A minor bug in bigbang allowed for ports in sector 0
Thats it.

Posted by Ryan Glasnapp 2002-06-05

TWClone first release

Well we just had our first release. Originally the release was slated to be after more basic options were in; however, those would only add more complexity and more bugs. So I decided to release what we had. The game is playable, but there are no ship upgrades currently available.

Posted by Ryan Glasnapp 2002-06-04

Re: Server Interface Change

Until further notice, the newserver interface is not to be used.
This is because trying to get it to work has been a nightmare
and the original developer working on it just made the code and stopped. So we're going back to the original source.


Posted by Ryan Glasnapp 2002-03-09

Server Interface change

TWClone has been changed from a server/client interface with a specially designed client to a server that accepts telnet.

Posted by Ryan Glasnapp 2001-06-21