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Read Me


tvoip - a programmable online television.

tvoip can receive http, rtmp and rtmfp streams from the internet which are
configurable with channel files.


- Minor optimization.

- Categorized the panel with tabs and added additional tabs to change the
  options, to edit and delete channels and to add channels.
- Datatypes in configuration files are now checked more strict.
- User interface elements can now be configured with the configuration file.
- Enhanced checking for duplicate server entries.
- Added a plugin system to search for channel addresses.
- Added a default plugin to search for channel addresses.
- Several fixes and optimizations.

- Added support for a configuration file and multiple channel files.
- The connection timeout, maximum volume, interval on hold down channel/volume
  buttons, amount changed of the volume per interval and buffer time are now
- Numbered server addresses can now be generated.
- Channels can now be disabled in the channel files.
- Added support for peer-to-peer streams.
- Added error output in the player and the browser console.
- Added detailed status output of the current stream.
- The state of the mute and status buttons are now saved.
- The title bar of the browser contains now the project name.
- Added an option to configure the fallback aspect ratio, if channels shall be
  sorted, to enable hardware acceleration and to limit the status output.
- Added a loading bar that shows the buffering progress of a stream.
- Added a command line interface installer for Linux and Windows.
- Added a button to select manually the aspect ratio.
- Several fixes and optimizations.

- Initial release.


To compile the flash application the Apache Flex SDK is required. The flash
application can be compiled by calling or manually by calling mxmlc on


- A webbrowser that is still officially supported and has a minimum worldwide
  marketshare of 1%.
- Flash Player 11.1 or higher.


To successfully receive any streams it is recommended to run a webserver and put
the files of TvoIP into the scope of the webserver. After this it is just needed
to call the local url to TvoIP's index.xhtml. For example start the Apache
webserver and copy the tvoip directory into the htdocs folder of Apache. In this
case the correct url would be "http://localhost/tvoip/index.xhtml".


Question: Why should I run a webserver for TvoIP?
Answer  : TvoIP uses the Flash Player to show any streams which needs to run in
          a domain to be able to receive any streams. But some streams can also
          be received if TvoIP is running on the file protocol.

Question: Why doesn't TvoIP receive the stream although I'm able to watch it
          successfully on an external site?
Answer  : The Flash Player uses a DRM system which allows websites to disallow
          any external domains to successfully connect to their streaming

Question: Why doesn't TvoIP use HTML5 instead of the Flash Player?
Answer  : A lot of streaming servers are sending over the RTMP and RTMFP
          protocols and currently no browser is able to handle these protocols.

Contact information

Maintainer: Sworddragon <>