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TVMET 1.7.2 released

This is a major and minor bug fix release only, collected over the time.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2007-06-26

TVMET 1.7.1 released

This is a major and minor bug fix release. tvmet does compile with gcc 3.4.3 (there were a problem with comma initializer list). Further more, the docs and regression tests are enhanced/corrected.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2005-04-26

TVMET 1.7.0 released - working with VS .NET 2003

This release of tvmet compiles with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. Further more several critical bug where fixed, as well as docs are enhanced and corrected; new chapter for VC++ 7.1.
The conj for signed types disabled, since an unary minus operator applied to unsigned type will result unsigned type. The functions drem, hypot, jn, yn, cbrt and rint are inside the global namespace now. This release got some fixes for Makefile on creating pdf documentation. Further more the header depencies where limited.... read more

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2004-12-03

TVMET 1.6.0 released

Bug fixed, new regressions where added, as well as functions to handle with memory references. The code is cleaner now, unused code where eliminated and better named identifier. Better support for compiler optimizations.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2004-09-15

TVMET 1.5.0 released

The build process is more compliant to the GNU standard. The configure and build process has been improved generally. tvmet can be built in a separate build directory, and passes the distcheck target successfully. The alias function has been extended, and the Matrix and Vector data printing was improved. The configure script has better support for different compilers. Users can specify --enable-optimize, --enable-debug, and --enable-warnings for their needs.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2004-04-28

TVMET 1.4.1 released

- new function alias to solve the aliasing problem.
- major bug fix: forgotten header tvmet/loop/Vector.h added and benchmark shows AtA and AAt graph with matrices less than 10x10 too - the BTL patch is updated.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2003-12-08

TVMET 1.4.0 released

- major and minor bug fixes
- Matrix/Vector and XprMatrix/XprVector uses an assign_to() function - this could be a way for pre-evalalute/caching nodes of the sub expressions for further releases.
- an alternate way of computing matrix-matrix and matrix-vector products added: using meta templates or loops. Therfefore some trigger are introduced which are not tuned yet. Using matrix-matrix products less than Rows*Cols 8*8 or matrix-vector products less than Sz=8 uses meta templates else loops.
- regression tests added for loop products, as well as bugs fixed.
- enums Rows, Cols and Size for Matrix and Vector are introduced.
- expression level printing improved - more infos are shown
- output format has been changed, the output is compatible to octave/matlab. To get the type and size info as before a new meber function info() has been introduced which can be streamed to streams.
- improved data printing, aligns output regarding of maximum element.
- different memvers for expression and data printing.
- BTL benchmark results added.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2003-12-06

TVMET 1.3.0 released

- major and minor bug fixes - all users should update !
- RVO problem/bug removed, chaining/composed expressions are
working now. The problem was releated on use of temporaries
on composed functions, which gone out of scope.
- sources compiled without optimizations, by -O0, doesn't crash
any more. The Problem was related by holding expressions by
references instead by value. At higher optimization levels
there were no faults than.
- better english documentation (spelling and grammar) as well
some corrections and extensions.
- benchmark removed from sources.
- interface changes.
- prodTrans renamed to trans_prod to follow the naming convention
- boolean version of eval removed to avoid confusion, comparing
is done using all_elements and any_elements.
- support for complex<> slighly improved.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2003-10-20

TVMET 1.2.1 released

- major and minor bug fixes.
- corrected and extended docs.
- tvmet's const correctness improved.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2003-09-17

TVMET 1.2.0 released

A new function naming convention changed product to prod and transpose to trans. New add, sub, mul, and div functions were added. Expressions are used for row/col and diag vectors on matrices. Vector access using () braces is now the default for internal use, but [] brackets are still valid and supported. Better debug support was implemented, regression tests were improved and more tests were added, along with more functions and operators for functions. For more infos plz read NEWS and ChangeLog.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2003-06-30

TVMET 1.1.0 released

- major and minor bug fixes
- new meta templated functions for matrix operations for
product(transpose(M), M), product(M, transpose(M)) and
transpose(product(M,M)), namely MtM_product(), MMt_product
as well as productTransposed().
- productTranspose(M,V) renamed to Mtx_product(). In this
function is a return dimension bug removed (working for non-
square matrizes too now).
- Therefore, old productTransposed() functions doesn't have
the old meaning any more!
- a matrix expression can be transposed too.
- new functions and operators for products of expression of
matrizes and vectors added - chaining of this should work
- better support for non-square matrizes and non-square
matrix-matrix and matexi-vector functions/operations.
- regression test improved and more tests added.
- file and directory structure extended.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2003-05-26

TVMET 1.0.1 released

This release is a fix for links inside docs and m4 macro processor files (tvmet.m4).

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2003-04-23

TVMET 1.0.0 released

The documentation was corrected and improved, new functions and operators were added, more regression tests were included, and better support for the Intel compiler was added. This version also features an extended include directory structure.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2003-04-08

TVMET 0.9.0 released

This release does have new functions, operators and more regression tests. An addenddum to the LGPL has been added - static linking is explicit allowed.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2003-03-03

TVMET 0.8.0 released

Bug fixes (e.g. the tgz dist install target) and enhancements. The benchmark isn't runed this time.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2003-02-10

TVMET 0.7.0 with benchmark

This release fixes some small bugs and enhances functionality and portability. It also includes benchmarks against blitz++, ublas, and MTL. For more, plz have a look into the ChangeLog.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2002-12-07

TVMET 0.6.0 released

This release fixes a bug inside the regression tests and features improved documents. New functions and features were also added.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2002-11-07

TVMET 0.5.1 released

This release is a documentation update only.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2002-10-18

TVMET 0.5.0 improved STL support and Portability

The STL interface has been improved so that Matrix and Vector now support reverse iterators. The support for IO stream manipulators and the ostream operators self was enhanced. The main feature is the better support for different platforms and the prefixed config header defines so that different autoconf/automake packages can be mixed without name collisions. Row and column access functions on matrices have finally been added.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2002-08-19

TVMET 0.4.0 released

An ugly bug in the previous version has been removed. The long long type is now supported, and creation of the PDF reference manual works. Some other small, unimportant bugs were corrected, and the internal naming convention has changed.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2002-07-24

TVMET 0.3.1 released

A namespace bug was fixed, the doxygen docs were slighly improved, and a doxygen tag file was added.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2002-07-09

TVMET 0.3.0 released

This release removes some bugs and the handling with complex types is simplified. The long double is recognised by the configure script to avoid confusion if not there. The doxygen docs were really enhanced, and global functions and operators are using doxygen's module feature now.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2002-06-24

TVMET 0.2.1 released

In this version, a small bug was fixed. The docs have been enhanced and regrouped. The regression test is ready to use with cppunit-1.8.x and, the benchmark was completely rewritten.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2002-06-10

TVMET 0.2.0 with STL support

This release can handle the STL iterator interface, which opens the door for more STL applications. It is now more ISO/IEC 14882:1998 compliant and contains small bugfixes and enhancements as well.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2002-06-04

TVMET 0.1.2 released

Small bug fixes, improved docs, new functions and automake support added.

Posted by Olaf Petzold 2002-05-03