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Fixed Windows XP crash bug

I installed XP and found the bug rather quickly. I submitted the fixed binary, 1.0.3. Enjoy!

Posted by Todd Jeffreys 2003-12-14

Windows XP

I think the crashing problem is due to Windows XP. Unfortunately I don't have Windows XP installed but this weekend I think I will install it to see what the problem is. Then I hope to have a fix for you guys (sorry for leaving you dangling so long!!!).

Posted by Todd Jeffreys 2003-12-09

Initial release

Download away, the first release is out!

Posted by Todd Jeffreys 2002-09-09

To download

The project works right now. I don't have all the features I want to put in yet, but you can watch all the TV you want by checking out the files via CVS and compiling. Once I get the remaining features in, I'll release a binary version.

Posted by Todd Jeffreys 2002-09-04