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TVEz 0.2.1 Release - Installation Bug

The installation script in TVEz release 0.2.1 does not work correctly. If you are just upgrading from an older version, you can use the upgrade script, which does work correctly. Version 0.2.2 will be released soon with the correct installation script. We appologize for the inconvennience.

Posted by Christian Eheim 2004-09-18

TVEz 0.2.1 Released

TVEz version 0.2.1 has been released with tons of new features, such as multi-language support, themes and preferences, user login feature to control access levels, and tons of statistics about your movie collection.

Posted by Christian Eheim 2004-09-18

TVEz 0.1.2 Released

TVEz version 0.1.2 has been released. This version includes the fix for the IMDB search that has recently been changed and adds the amazon cover image search which also downloads large cover images for movies. Also includes minor bug that fixes lost data during movie editing such as the current year and automatically checks for updates.

Posted by Alex Pachikov 2004-01-16

TVEz - Media Library announces first public release v.0.1.0

TVEz - Media Library creates listing of video files found on local and remote file systems with the ability to play them in a video player such as xine (other players in the future).

TVEz will contact IMDB and try to retrieve movie information as well as images that will be stored locally. Webpages will be created letting users sort and search movies using any criteria as well as create playlists and play them with full control of the video player through the web (play, pause, stop, next, clear, quit, etc...) ... read more

Posted by Alex Pachikov 2003-12-01

TVEz project approved on SF

We are happy to announce that TVEz project will now be hosted on SourceForge. We are now in the process of releasing the project website and the alpha release of the TVEz - Media Library.

Sign up for the mailling list and check for the upcoming site on

Posted by Alex Pachikov 2003-11-29