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Tux Typing 1.7.2 - bugs fixed.

Tux Typing 1.7.2 has been released, with fixes of the known significant problems with 1.7.0. Most users who downloaded 1.7.0 were probably unable to use it successfully - please accept my apologies. Issues addressed in this release include:
1. Data path error in Windows build
2. Problem setting locale/LANG variable in Windows
3. Crashing bug in Fish Cascade game when run at fullscreen.
4. Inconsistent menu interface for "Lessons" (old issue)
5. "Phrase Typing" activity not working in Windows.
6. Incorrect function of UTF-8/wchar_t conversions in Windows due to different size of wchar_t type.... read more

Posted by David Bruce 2009-01-15

TuxTyping 1.7.0 - major upgrade

Tux Typing 1.7.0 has been released, with major enhancements as a result of the 2008 Google Summer of Code. The current project home page is:


Current downloads are available both on the above site and here at Sourceforge.

Major new features include high-resolution fullscreen support at the native OS resolution, as well as a greatly improved phrase typing activity and improved internationalization using standard GNU gettext. Many additional translations have been added, including all major Indic languages.

Posted by David Bruce 2008-12-23

TuxType-1.5.15 - first release since 2004!

Tux Typing development is active again with the first SF.net release in over three years. The "official" home page (which is very rudimentary so far) is at:


The source repository is now housed at the Alioth/Debian Subversion site.

TuxType 1.5.15 has some user-visible upgrades, but mainly represents internal reworking to properly support UTF-8/Unicode. The first Indic language theme, Malayalam, is included. It should now be possible to add themes to support all of the world's major languages.... read more

Posted by David Bruce 2007-09-18

TuxTyping 1.5.0 released

After over a year of development with no releases, we are pleased to present Tux Typing 2 "Preview" release. Most of the internals have been rewritten with a focus on extensibility and internationalization. Creating a language pack is now as simple as creating a file for translations (lang.po file), maybe finding a font [1], setting up how the keyboard maps to the characters [2], and finally creating some word lists. TuxTyping is an educational typing tutorial game for children starring Tux, the Linux Penguin. It is graphical and requires SDL. It is free software copyrighted under the Gnu GPL.... read more

Posted by Jesse Andrews 2003-05-19

Tux Typing 1.0.1 Released

Version 1.0.1 of Tux Typing has just been released. This is actually a minor stable release over 1.0 which includes a very important bugfix. Here is the changelog:

* Build process bugfix (bug #448955).
Build now respects install prefix
* Tux4Kids logo now included.

Tux Typing homepage:

Tux Typing downloads:

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-08-27

Tux4Kids on LinuxFund.org

We are pleased to announce that Tux4Kids now has a project page on LinuxFund.org.

For those who may not know, LinuxFund.org is a development grant web-site for Open-Source and Free-Software projects. Persons browsing on their site can allocate "Penguin Pesos" (an imaginary monentary unit) towards projects featured on LinuxFund.org. Those projects who recieve enough "Penguin Pesos" will be given a funding grant (of up to $1000).... read more

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-08-20

Tux Typing 1.0 Released!

We are extraordinarily pleased to announce the FIRST STABLE release (version 1.0) of Tux Typing! Tux Typing is an "edutainment" typing tutor game starring Tux, the Linux Penguin.

This release (version 1.0) is the result of over a year of development. It is a stable release, meaning it is feature-complete and should be relatively bug-free.

You can find Tux Typing 1.0 for your platform of choice at the Tux Typing download page:
http://www.geekcomix.com/dm/tuxtype/downloads.shtml... read more

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-08-06

Tux Typing 1.0pre1 is out!

We are pleased to announce our 1.0pre1 release of Tux Typing! This is a testing release before our official 1.0 stable release. Please report any troubles or problems to our developmental mailing list.

Major changes since 0.9:
* Preliminary theme/internationalization support
* Fixed mem-alloc problem w/ MSVC++ binaries (will also help Linux & BeOS versions)
* Added optional alpha transparency support for emphasis of slow-falling words
* Fixed rect clipping blit problem
* Other bugfixes & code cleanup... read more

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-07-26

Tux Typing 0.9 Win32 Installer!

We now have a Win32 self-extracting installer for the latest release (0.9) of Tux Typing.

Many thanks to one of our core developers, Jesse Andrews for the package.

Download from our download page here:

Or directly from here:

Tux Typing Home Page:

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-06-30

Tux Typing 0.9 Release!

We are very pleased to announce our latest release of Tux Typing (the educational typing tutor game starring Tux, the Linux Penguin), version 0.9!

This release marks a major stability increase, as well as many bug and feature fixes. We also have binary packages available for Linux x86 RPM based machines as well as BeOS and Win32.

Changes Since 0.8:
* Fixed the tutorial screen crashing bugs (yahoo!)
* Fixed "yellow outline" graphic bug
* GIF->PNG image transition
* SDL & cross-platform (non-POSIX) build fixes
* Added Keyboard Support in Menu
* Fixed Tux anim bug (when keys held down)
* "Congrats" bug fix
* Many, many, many bug fixes!
* Win32 support.... read more

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-06-25

Tux Typing Win32 Beta and RH7.1 RPM now avail!

Tux Typing, an educational typing tutor game starring Tux, the Linux Penguin, is pleased to announce that we now have a Microsoft Windows port as well as a new Red Hat 7.1 RPM ready for you to download.

The Win32 binary comes thanks to Olivier Dagenais <olivier_dagenais@canada.com> and the RH7.1 RPM is courtesy of Calvin Arndt <calarndt@yahoo.com>.

These two binary packages can be found on our download page:
http://www.geekcomix.com/dm/tuxtype/downloads.shtml... read more

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-06-15

Tux Typing image patch

There is a new image patch for Tux Typing. This is a general image patch, and should be able to be applied to any version of Tux Typing.

This patch fixes the "yellow outline" problem during gameplay. It can be found here:


Tux Typing homepage:

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-05-19

Tux Typing 0.8 Released!

After much toiling, trials, and tribulation, we are pleased to
announce the release of Tux Typing, version 0.8!

Note this is a semi-major release, because Tux Typing is now
"feature complete" (meaning we've finished all the features we
originally intended to have in the game ;-)

Changes from the 0.7 release:
* Fixed several menu glitches
* Fixed menu performance problems (hopefully ;-)
* Fixed Title Screen clipping bug
* Fixed gameplay overclipping bug
* Added Word Cascade Tutorial (still buggy :/ )
* Minor makefile tweak to fix "hidden option" bug
* Other misc bugfixes and code-cleanup... read more

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-05-14

Tux Typing 0.7 makefile patch!

Tux Typing version 0.7 now has a makefile.am patch. This patch resolves some installation directory problems. If you are using version 0.7, then you may want to consider applying this patch:


Tux Typing homepage:

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-05-05

Tux Typing version 0.7 is out!

Tux Typing ( http://www.geekcomix.com/dm/tuxtype/ ), the educational typing tutor game starring Tux, the Linux Penguin, has just reached version 0.7.

This release fixes the sound bug ( http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=231474&group_id=12715&atid=112715 ), as well as potentially fixing the clipping bug ( http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=230068&group_id=12715&atid=112715 ). This release also features major code clean-up, and other minor bug fixes.... read more

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-03-27

TuxTyping for BeOS!

Tux Typing is now available for BeOS! Many thanks go out to David Marshman for his fine work on this package.

If interrested, please take a look at the Tux Typing download page : http://www.geekcomix.com/dm/tuxtype/downloads.shtml

You can also go directly to the BeBits entry at : http://www.bebits.com/app/1998

-Criswell, http://www.geekcomix.com/dm/tuxtype/

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-02-23

Testers/Stablizers Needed for Tux Typing

Hi all,

Tux Typing (http://www.geekcomix.com/dm/tuxtype/ - SourceForge page http://sourceforge.net/projects/tuxtype/\) is nearing its first stable release, and I am in dire need of people with different platforms (esp. *nix variants) to help me both test and stabilize the game on their system.

The platforms I am the most concerned about right now are the many Linux flavors (RH7.0, SuSE, Caldera, Debian, etc.), the many other Unix variants (FreeBSD, NetBSD, Hurd, Solaris, HPUX, etc.) and the close Unix cousins (BeOS, AIX, etc.) I realize I will not get users from ALL these OSes to help test things out... but I do hope to get a few!... read more

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-02-20

Tux Typing version 0.6 is out!

Tux Typing version 0.6 has just been released. This version features several bugfixes (especially some Mandrake 7.2 ones) and now includes the "Free Typing" mode under "Practise"!

Check it out at Tux Typing's homepage

or download from

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-02-05

Tux Typing Feature Survey 1

Tux Typing has its first survey! I have been debating about keeping in two features that now seem to not be very necessary. Pls try the game out, and check the survey at:


The responses will help determine the future of Tux Typing.

Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2001-01-25

Tux Typing in need of tester with Mandrake 7.2

I have a user with some troubles running Tux Typing under Mandrake 7.2. I have not been able to duplicate these problems on my machine.

So I am looking for some short-term help from someone with a Mandrake 7.2 box to try and track these problems down. If interrested, please see:


Posted by Samuel N. Hart 2000-12-08