I've changed driver and it works fine now.

I do use Linux a lot, but I haven't got tuxracer working properly on Linux yet (sound won't compile - I think I know what the problem is, I need a library, but I haven't downloaded it yet). I only use Windoze when I have to!

Denis Bergeron wrote:
Second respond :
Microsoft Windows XP is Hardware hungry, you will need 2 more time Mhz
do to the same thing...

Time to switch to and open OS !
Tuxracer run just great on Linux ;-)

le dim 25-11-2001 à 08:48, Kenton Groombridge a écrit :
Windoze XP does not have support for OpenGL.  Remember if it isn't a 
Microsoft standard and it doesn't fit into the plan of Microsoft's total
domination, then Microsoft doesn't include it.

Your video card vendor will hopefully have an XP driver with OpenGL.
That is the only way to get OpenGL back.


Malcolm Scott wrote:

Just upgraded (?) to windows xp from windows me; TuxRacer 0.61 now 
runs at about 2 fps, rather than 40+ fps as it did with the same
hardware on win98 and winme. Is this a known problem, and can I fix it?


Kenton A. Groombridge

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