#1 mouse control

Jeff Ousley

A great enhancement would be the addition of the mouse
as a way to control tux in the game.

Mouse movement would control tux's direction. The
buttons could be mapped but would likely default to:

Left button - paddle
Right button - brake


  • Dieter Drewanz
    Dieter Drewanz

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    Tuxracer is a very nice game and my nice (2y) love it, but she is to young to use the keys and I do not have a joystick. For kids to play without any problem I would recommend two simple things:

    First an option to set, so that the game will always continue until you press a special two/three key combination. Then you can let little kids play the game and they do not quit so easy and do unwished things on your computer (I will call this - little kid option).

    The mouse functions:
    left = left moving
    right = right moving
    forward = speed up
    back = break

    Same with the mouse pad.

    Additionals for keyboards:
    nearly all left keys = left
    nearly all right keys = right
    numbers+f1...f12 = speed up
    space key = brake

    going to quit menu is strg+alt+l. then any other key continue will continue playing, if you do not press quit. Same should happen if you hit the menue options.
    in the left corner it is possible to print on screen sequence for leaving.

    So you can let young kids play the game, while you are working on other things three steps near your kid.

    There is a lack of simple running/jumping games for little kids and a missing option, that they can not leave to easy a game program.