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[Tuxpaint-cvs] tuxpaint-stamps/stamps/food/vegetables chilepepper_desc_pt_BR.wav, NONE, 1.1 corn_desc_pt_BR.wav, NONE, 1.1 eggplant_desc_pt_BR.wav, NONE, 1.1 garlics_desc_pt_BR.wav, NONE, 1.1 lettuce_desc_pt_BR.wav, NONE, 1.1 mushroom_desc_pt_BR.wav, NONE, 1.1 onion_desc_pt_BR.wav, NONE, 1.1 pepper_desc_pt_BR.wav, NONE, 1.1 pumpkin_small_desc_pt_BR.wav, NONE, 1.1 redlettuce_desc_pt_BR.wav, NONE, 1.1

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