Hi all!

Some bugs, enhancement requests and ideas:

Enhancement requests:

Folder: Can be improved if click is used to select the corner, then drag
to were he want the corner go, do some calculation about how a sheet
should be plyed to get the corner there. You also can do a rough
"preview" like flower does. Then, in mouse release, draw it.

Some maths suposing 0,0 corner having to go to 100,200:
half point between 0,0 and 100,200 = (0+100)/2,(0+200)/2 = 50,100
Here you should check if there will not be a "by zero" division, then
0x point = 0,(50 + 100*100/50) = 0,250
0y point = (100 + 50*50/100),0 = 125,0

so you end up with lines
from 125,0 to 100,200
from 125,0 to 0,250
from 0,250 to 100,200

Black and white: Can be converted to "color and white" just picking the
color like other magic tools do. The same is valid for threshold.

I'm currently working on converting my current tools to the new api but thats something ill definitely put on my list of things to do.


Flower, just noticed this: if you draw a horizontal flower you don't get

Jigsaw, works right at 800x600, but at 640x480 I get pieces cutted at
the edge, and in bigger screens, the jigsaw is covering just the 800x600
topleft portion of the image
Ah my bad, I didnt think about people using different resolutions. After discussing things with bill and caroline I've changed this feature to work from a starter image instead (jigsaw_3x3.png and jigsaw_5x5.png on the cvs) and deleted the magic tool. I've got plans for a more "artistic" jigsaw which will take the form of a magic tool but that might be some way down the road, so for the time being ive removed the jigsaw magic tool from the cvs and replaced it with the starter images.

An idea for new magic tools:
I've been always fascined by those animations were a plant grows from
zero, or a flower opens, or clouds running accross the sky, etc. Theese
can be implemented in two ways:

a)  A sequence of some images, starting on mouse click, showing the next
image each second and drawing the image present on mouse release.
Depending on the animations, they can be positioned on mouse click or
aligned to a edge of the draw

b)  A computed animation like some screensavers do, starting on mouse
click and ending on mouse release. Even the direction of the animation
(when possible) can be controlled on mouse drag.

Hope this helps


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