Jus a few comments

2007/2/25, Terje Bergström <terje.bergstrom@kolumbus.fi>:

There are at least two different types of tasks to do:

= Packaging =
It's probably easier to start the packaging based on a stable version, so we could start with tuxpaint 0.9.16's source tar.gz package, make the needed changes to get it running well on 770 or N800, and then see how the changes could be merged to tuxpaint CVS. Probably the changes done on 0.9.16 are pretty easy to port to tuxpaint CVS.

Maemo requires some special dependencies for packaging, so as an answer to Caroline, we cannot push that to Debian's tuxpaint package. In addition, Maemo is using older debhelper and some other tools.

= Hildonizing =
I'm mostly worried about the mouse cursor. Otherwise I guess hildonizing will not be a big task. Mostly replacing some gtk calls with hildon calls. I'm not sure how file system differences etc. are going to affect.

Mouse cursor can be easily avoided, it's just a matter of commenting a line in the sources (or in the configuration file, cannot exactly remember where)

Hopefully most of the stuff can be done without touching the generic tuxpaint code. Compile time flags are not an optimal solution, but I guess they will do for now.

How does that sound? I'm sending Alessandro a please-let-me-in email to get this started. I guess it's still best to keep the discussion in this mailing list.

Other changes to the source are related to the screen size and disabling text tools.

Since AFAIK there is no GTK code in tuxpaint, there is no need to change to hildon, the only good reason could be to implement text tools with the hildon keyboard (and other hildon input methods).

Other changes for maemo packaging are done in the /etc/tuxp* file:
* store images in the mmc (and not in a hidden dir, otherwise users will never find them anymore)
* disable printing
* hildon menu and icons
* disable cursor?

* text tool input
* fix the bug that don't show the application in the application bar (I think is now fixed by kees in N800)
* change some tools to use integer math (no FPU on N770)
* implement the possibility to hide (via config file) the lower information bar (so we have more space for drawings), this is a feature request from a user, and I think it's a good idea
* package stamps
* package languages separately

Concerning mud yes or mud no, I'm agnostic but just a little bit lazy to learn something new: I tried mud a week ago (trying to compile gdal) and ended up compiling the entire world (CTRL+C after one hour or so).
If someone could help me/us start with mud, it could be an option, but I'm not sure it is the best way to go.

Those are just a few ideas.

Comments are welcome.

BTW right now tuxpaint is already packaged and woks (with the a.m. bugs) on both N800 and N770.

Alessandro Pasotti
w3:   www.itopen.it