Sure, give me some time.

On Apr 8, 2012 2:38 PM, "scottmc" <> wrote:
Can you try building TuxPaint on Haiku and send me a screenshot
showing that you got it working?  Hint you can use a nightly vm image
of Haiku, many of the dependency libs will be installable using
installoptionalpackage.  Reason I ask is that I see you've applied to
a few different orgs, including Haiku and Tux4Kids.  One of the things
I run into is changes made to TuxPaint aren't checked on Haiku and
since Haiku uses the much older gcc-2.95.3 these changes can break
compiling on Haiku.  Not a big deal if you don't have time to do this,
just thought it'd be a quick way to see if you were up to the task.

(*Note that I am not signed on as a mentor with tux4kids, but am
signed on as a mentor for Haiku and have cvs access for TuxPaint, and
have met some of the tux4kids developers.)


On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 10:39 AM, Jeremy Bernhardt
<> wrote:
> I have submitted a (extremely late) proposal for GSOC for the mentors
> to look over. If you want to learn a bit about me give it a read. You
> can find it here
> In addition I have managed to build both Tux Type and Tux Paint from
> the CVS/git repos. This was actually quite painless on Fedora.
> Any feedback would be appriciated.
> --
> Germ

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