Dear Sir,
I am a second year B.Tech student of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur ( commonly known as IIT kanpur).I am interested in writing codes for Tux Paint to add functionality in it.
I would like to work for wallpaper mode. I am not very much clear about the goal of "Wallpaper tool/mode like the pattern magic tool that affects the behavior of the overall program".
I am thinking that I have to add functionality to Tux Paint so that one can simultaneously  draw and modify independently an object and it's mirror image (correct me if i am wrong). It would be better for me if you explain the ultimate goal of the project idea.

About myself :
I have been working in C language for past two years. I haven't ever contributed to any open source project yet. If i get selected this would be my first chance to work for an open source project.
I had created a simple image editing programe using python modules (requirement of the competition was to use python). I will make the codes available soon. 
I would like to learn required concepts and tools to implement the idea during this summer.Waiting for your reply.

Ankesh Thakur