Of the first two I've listened to - one has one word mispronounced and they both sound like they were recorded by a non-native speaker of English.

My instincts are that they aren't good enough but I wouldn't like to make the final call.


On 11 January 2012 21:21, Pere Pujal i Carabantes <> wrote:
Hi all!

As a task in GCI, a Indian student has recorded the English descriptive
sounds for stamps.
Can somebody speaking English review those and say what of the records
can be keeped and what of them should be discarded? I am not english
speaker, so I can not trust them.

You can get all the records (18 MB) at
or browse inline starting at

We have too the Spanish (by a student native of Puerto Rico) recordings,
which I am going to review and upload as main Spanish if nobody asks
against it :)

BTW, If any of you wants to create the descriptions for your language,
you are welcome to do it :)  I can provide guidance if needed.


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