using the std. Windows speaker mute/volume ctrl in the tray on all machines
Windows 2000 OS
don't have much experience with sound on these machines.. no headphones in my art lab. havent noticed anything much using speakers.  up til Tux I HAD thought they only beeped and blurped....

Bill Kendrick <> wrote:
On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 06:58:15AM -0800, henry taylor wrote:
> Interestingly I note that on SOME but not all the machines muting the speakers has ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT AT ALL!
> SOME 'muted' computers are just as noisey as ever -- TOP VOLUME even!

Err.. hrm. This sounds more like an OS problem (if you're muting via the
software sound controls), or a hardware problem (if you have MUTE buttons on
the speakers :) )

Tux Paint itself controls only its own volume, which should never be higher
than your system/speaker volume. I've never heard of this issue from
anyone else, either about Tux Paint specifically, or the libSDL libraries
it uses underneath the hood for sound/video. (At least, never seen it on
the libSDL mailing lists.)

Do other apps seem to ignore the MUTE? :^/



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