I'm one of the translators! 2 years back I translated to latvian! When I'll  have a bit more time, I'm going to update translation!

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Raivis Strogonovs

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 11:49 PM, Bill Kendrick <nbs@sonic.net> wrote:

Would someone do me a favor and try to gather up all of the contact
email addresses for translators whose translations have gotten very

You can go to the "Help Us Translate" page on the website
( http://www.tuxpaint.org/help/po/ ) and click the "Translated"
column to sort each group by how complete the translation is.

Alternatively, many PO files include the date of their last revision,
so you could sort on the "Revised" column.

My hope is to contact folks and see if they (or someone they know) can
help us bring some of the more stale translation POs up-to-date.

Extra points if you can include names and the locale (versus just a big
paste of "user@host.xyz"es :^) )

Even more bonus points if you can give me a separate list of translators who,
though they may be up-to-date with 'tuxpaint' and 'tuxpaint-stamps' catalogs,
have not provided any PO files for the website or Tux Paint Config.

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