I need a little input here.  I'm going to be adding some stamps to tux paint. I'm referring to this documentation
Mac OS X
Tux Paint stores its data files inside the "Tux Paint" icon (which is actually a special kind of folder on Mac OS X). The following steps explain how to get to the folders within:
1.    Bring up a 'context' menu by holding the [Control] key and clicking the Tux Paint icon the in Finder. (If you have a mouse with more than one button, you can simply right-click the icon.)
2.    Select "Show Contents" from the menu that appears. A new Finder window will appear with a folder inside called "Contents."
3.    Open the "Contents" folder and open the "Resources" folder found inside.
4.    There, you will find the "starters", "stamps" and "brushes" folders. Adding new content to these folders will make the content available to any user that launches this copy (icon) of Tux Paint.
Note: If you install a newer version of Tux Paint (by replacing its icon), you will lose changes made by following the instructions above, so keep backups of your new content (stamps, brushes, etc.).
Tux Paint also looks for files in a "TuxPaint" folder that you can place in your system's "Application Support" folder (found under "Library" at the root of your hard disk):
/Library/Application Support/TuxPaint/
It also looks for files in the user's "Preferences" folder, e.g.:
/Users/(user name)/Library/Preferences/TuxPaint/brushes/
Personal Files
You can also create brushes, stamps, fonts and 'starters' in your own directory (folder) for Tux Paint to find.
Your personal Tux Paint folder is stored in your "Application Data". For example, on newer Windows (set up for an English-speaking user):
C:\Documents and Settings\(user name)\Application Data\TuxPaint\
Mac OS X
Your personal Tux Paint folder is stored in your "Library" folder:
/Users/(user name)/Library/Application Support/ Tux Paint/

Does this mean if I put the stamps in the Personal Files folder, they won't be overwritten when I reinstall or upgrade?  I'm running on both win and mac so am curious to know if this will save me the trouble of reinstalling all the stamps I d/l.   Thanks