#44 Provide "all user" installation for Windows Professional

William Kendrick

It looks as if the installer was written for non pro versions of
windows since it installs the program menu for the current
user and not for all users. Many installers check for this and
either install in the all user area on pro machines or have a
check box to install for all users.

Ref: Private email to Bill K. from Cary R., 2005.03.30


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    Albert Cahalan wrote to tuxpaint-devel: "You certainly
    can't rely on being able to install for all users. That
    only works when the user is an admin or when
    filesystem and registry permissions are wrong."

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    Mark K. Kim wrote to tuxpaint-devel: "No, don't close it
    yet... The installer needs to be modified to check
    whether it's being installed as an admin, then provide
    an option to install for all users along with an option
    to install for a single user. It's a hassle for an admin
    to install programs like Tux Paint for all users without
    the option to install for all users.

    If the directory or registry permissions are incorrectly
    set, that's a bigger problem that the admin should fix.
    That's not a problem that an installer should deal
    with any more than it is for an installer to do a disk
    integrity check before installation. Let's leave those
    for the admin and the fix-it tools to deal with, and
    make the Tux Paint Installer provide the installation
    options that other tools cannot be used to provide."

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    Any word on the status of this bug, John? Thanks, -bill!

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    As far as I'm aware it can be closed,

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    Closing! Thanks