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#124 Let Magic tools affect Starters too

William Kendrick

A number of Magic tools affect images in such a way that the Starters should also be affected in the same way (and then the modified version should be stored so that it can be fetched later, rather than using the original, unmodified Starter the next time the drawing is loaded).

Currently, the following tools should affect Starters, too: Mirror, Flip, Shift, Perspective, Fold, Zoom.

At the moment, the Magic Tool API provides a way for starters to be noted as mirrored and/or flipped (and that's saved as metadata in the .dat file). This API feature should be deprecated and Magic tools should be able to register the fact that they affect Starters, too.

When those tools are used, the same effect should be applied to the Starter. (i.e., the Magic tool's callbacks should be called twice; once for the canvas, and once for the Starter overlay. Note that backgrounds of Starters (and, in the future, Templates) are not affected, because they only get applied to the drawing once, when it is first created.)