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#47 stylus problems with fullscreen mode

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Patrick Brown

I have a tablet PC running windows XP tablet edition
and everything works fine in windowed model. In
fullscreen mode I can use the mouse pad to draw, but
when I touch the screen with the stylus the cursor
moves around erraticly, going from one side of the
screen to the other very quickly.

I'll give the new version a go when it's available.


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    One of the other Tux Paint developers asks:

    "Don't tablets generally require calibration? Maybe I'm
    wrong but perhaps the tablet isn't configured for 640x480
    or 800x600 or whatever resolution the full-screen mode
    runs as?"

    Can you respond to this? Thanks!

    (Additionally, back in July 2005 (with Tux Paint 0.9.14),
    someone reported difficulty using Tux Paint with a drawing
    tablet (not a tablet PC) under Windows XP in fullscreen.
    Apparently they were happy switching to windowed mode, so
    no further details were attained.)

  • Patrick Brown
    Patrick Brown

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    My tablet is calibrated for 1024x768, and I'm starting
    tuxpaint in fullscreen mode at that resolution. I've also
    tried changing the tablet and tuxpaint to 800x600 and
    recalibrating, but have the same problem. I can run jarnal
    (a java drawing programme) in fullscreen mode without problems.

    It seems to me that the screen is behaving like a
    hyper-sensitive track pad. If I point the stylus at the
    middle of the screen without moving it the mouse stays
    roughly where it is, but wobbles a bit as my hand shakes.
    if I move the stylus the mouse moves in the direction I have
    moved, but not to the place I move it.

    I let my 2 year old daughter use tuxpaint in windowed mode
    with the mouse grabbing on, but somehow she manages to pull
    up the on-screen keyboard! and she keeps pressing the
    buttons on the front of the tablet to rotate the screen. In
    6 months she'll probably be hacking into the pentagon...

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    This may be an issue with SDL and DirectX. Can you please
    try following the instructions listed here, to switch
    which video driver SDL uses, and see if that helps?
    Please let me know, so I can close this bug if it worked.




  • Patrick Brown
    Patrick Brown

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    It works! creating the SDL_VIDEODRIVER = windib environment
    variable made fullscreen mode run just fine.

    I'll now try to find a way of disabling the screen rotate

    Ta very much.