#187 TP doesn't launch on Mac OS X Lion (did on Snow Leopard)

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William Kendrick

On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 11:45:31AM -0600, Chris wrote:

Tux Paint doesn't seem to start on my computer running OSX Lion. It was
running fine on Snow Leopard just before the upgrade. Are there any known
issues? I looked at the FAQ and the Known Issues but didn't see anything

My kids love this program. I have a Wacom Tablet they use that works great
for them. Much easier than the mouse for my 5 and 7 year olds. Thanks for for
all your work on this program. Here's hoping there is an easy solution!


  • My reply:

    In the meantime, have you tried disabling the "System Fonts" option in
    Tux Paint Config. (under "Languages")? If that doesn't help, have
    you tried the test version posted on the Known Issues page?
    Does THAT version still behave incorrectly?


    If you continue to have trouble, it might be helpful to fire up a Terminal
    window on your Mac and run Tux Paint manually, from the command-line.
    If any errors or warnings appear, paste them in an email to Martin & me.

  • And Chris's response:

    I tried downloading the version from the know issues page. I launched it from
    the terminal like Bill suggested. This is what I get:

    Chris-Wards-iMac:~ chris$ /Users/chris/Desktop/Tux\ Paint.app/Contents/MacOS/Tux\ Paint

    Warning: I couldn't open a sound file:
    Tux Paint.app/Contents/Resources/sounds/thin.wav
    The Simple DirectMedia Layer error that occurred was:
    Mix_LoadWAV_RW with NULL src

    Dec 17 18:07:20 Chris-Wards-iMac.local Tux Paint[12696] <Warning>:
    CGDisplayBaseAddress is obsolete and returning NULL for display 0x42735c0
    Killed: 9

    I see the icon in the doc, and the screen flashes black, but the application
    doesn't seem to launch.

    When I killed the app I kept the whole stack trace if you think you want it.

    I checked and I didn't have the Load System Fonts selected.

    I have tried launching in full screen mode, and as a window.

    Also, in my version of Lion, I don't seem to see a folder named ".fontconfig" in
    my home directory. There is a .fonts-cache-1 but that seems like the only dot
    file/folder that has anything to do with fonts.

    Any ideas?

  • Martin Fuhrer
    Martin Fuhrer

    Hi Chris,

    I just replaced my old Powerbook G4 (PowerPC) with a new MacBook Pro a few weeks ago, so hopefully I'll be able to track Tux Paint problems on the new platforms more easily.

    Tux Paint 0.9.21 crashes on my new MacBook Pro with Lion at startup as well. Interestingly, though, it runs fine on my father's MacBook (also with Lion), and older versions of Tux Paint (0.9.17) run fine on my own MacBook Pro.

    First thing I tried was replacing the bundled SDL libraries, as I know these have been updated for Snow Leopard and Lion in the bast couple years, while the ones bundled with Tux Paint predate these Mac OS X releases. I noticed that using the latest SDL_ttf library did get Tux Paint up and running again.

    Perhaps you can try to update your Tux Paint as follows:
    1. Download the latest SDL_ttf:
    2. Right click on Tux Paint and select "Show Package Contents"
    3. Navigate into the Contents > Frameworks folder
    4. Drag the newly downloaded SDL_ttf.framework into the Frameworks folder, replacing the older version.

    Try to launch Tux Paint again, and see if it works.

    For the record, I also updated my SDL_image and SDL_mixer frameworks with no problems, but updating to the latest SDL framework produced some compositing issues in Tux Paint (transparent layers appear yellow).

  • Thanks Martin, and let us know, Chris (or anyone else out here who tries!)

  • Actually, closing this as a duplicate of #3399079.