#154 Ensure that titles on tuxpaint.org pages are unique

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William Kendrick

Google Webmaster Tools reports over 2000 instances of duplicate titles (about 200 unique titles), and most seem to be cases where the page, or at least its title, hasn't been translated.

Idea 1: Pages which aren't translated at all could issue a redirect from www.tuxpaint.org/path/?lang=ll back to /path/. This is a little tough, because we'd need to add a buffering layer, wrap all of the gettext()'s in a function that would determine whether the actual gettext() call did any work, and then decide whether to display the final output, or cause a redirect. (This could be a little annoying with the en_XX locales.) Keep in mind that most users dont' go from one "?lang=XX"page to another; once they hit one, they get a cookie, and pages automatically translate. Crawlers are the ones hitting every page with "?lang" tacked onto the end.

Idea 2: Calls to page_start() (which generates the beginning of the page, including <head> and its tag) could be made without putting the title in a gettext() call; i.e., change "page_start(gettext("Some title")..." to "page_start("Some title"...)". The page_start() function would call gettext() on the title string, and if gettext() didn't do any work, append a locale-specific string to the end of the title. e.g., "Some title <span>[en español]</span>". The downside is this would lead to pages that lie about what language they're in, when they're not translated at all.</p>