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Running tuxpaint-0.9.21-win32- on Vista. It has been running great for many months, until yesterday. Upon clicking the desktop icon, only a partial blank screen appears. There is no paint pallet or toolbars, just one partial, blank, white screen without any interface buttons whatsoever. The default paintbrush loads, and you can draw with black, but that is all. The only way to exit is to press the "esc" key. I've tried: 1) Using Tuxpaint Configuration to choose full screen mode, etc. 2) Tried Uninstalling both the program and stamps, then re-installing. 3) Tried uninstalling, then downloading the current version, and re-installing. Nothing changes. My 2 yr old loves this program, and I would really love any help to get this to run correctly.


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  • Hi Diane (the reporter of the bug) - any feedback? Thanks!

  • Any feedback? I'd like to help resolve the issue, but since it seems to work for everyone else, I'm also willing to close it as 'Works For Me', rather than leave it hanging... :) Thanks!

  • Ping!

  • Hi,

    don't know what happened here, but it's a Windows machine so there's a whole world of nasty things that could have happened. Norton is mentioned and it sounds like there is an Internet connection, so who knows.

    Without getting into the machine remotely and digging around it's impossible to say what went on. The fact that it worked one day and was broken the next is suggestive, but there isn't enough to go on, unfortunately,


  • :( Ok so closing as "works for me". Diane - please re-open if you're out there and can give us additional details!

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