#110 Paint tool not drawing with single mouse click

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Ozo Zoz

System configuration:
Tux Paint: 0.9.20 (tuxpaint-0.9.20-win32-installer.exe)
Downloaded from: www.tuxpaint.org/download/windows/
Computer: Dell Laptop Inspiron 1525
OS: Vista 32-bit Home Premium SP1 (French edition)
Mouse: Logitech MX310 Optical mouse
Touchpad: Alps Electric (built-in with the laptop)

Problem Description:

When using the "Paint" tool, a single mouse click will not draw anything. In order to get something drawn, we must also "move" the mouse while holding the left mouse button. This problem exists whatever the brush that we select. That means it is difficult to draw a single instance of the selected brush (ex: we select the heart-shaped brush and try to draw a single instance of a heart; It is very difficult since we must click and move the mouse, which will often result in multiple hearts being drawn). Note that the "Stamp" and the "Eraser" tools don't have this problem, i.e. a single mouse click with no movement is enough to stamp or to erase.

This "Paint" tool problem is not present with the Tux Paint v0.9.17 that I installed about a year ago on a different computer (Clone PC computer running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP1 English).



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    Already fixed in CVS. It cropped up right before 0.9.20, and we didn't catch it until after the release. Thanks and sorry for the trouble!