I'm not the mentor for GSoC but as far as I know, the student is supposed to propose a project for it. Your skill set seems adequate; try thinking up of a project. Here are some for you to get started on:

Aviral Dasgupta.

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Hello. I'm a student of 3rd year and I interesting in participation on
GSoC with tux4kids. I use Debian about 4 years and I have some
university courses about Linux. Also I have some skills using Linux
tools, such as bash, make, gcc, git. I write on C mostly and not so
much on Python. I was really surprised of your requirements to
students because I use almost all the tools/libs you write about -
SDL, git and of course C language. I think I really can join your team
and make something useful. Can I get some simple problem and try to
fix it?

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