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TuxGuitar 1.2 has been released

The new version of TuxGuitar includes many bug fixes, and some new features:
Support measure range to loop; Transpose notes feature ( optionally transpose afected notes when change tuning ); Move beats left|right support; More song properties options; Add multiple measure support; Clean multiple measure support; Number of pastes support; Better lilypond plugin; Better fluidsynth plugin; New jack plugin; New community integration plugin; New cocoa integration plugin; New audio unit plugin.

Posted by Julian Casadesus 2009-11-03

TuxGuitar-1.1 has been released

TuxGuitar is a multitrack guitar tablature editor and player written in Java-SWT, It can open GuitarPro, PowerTab and TablEdit files.

TuxGuitar-1.1 is now available to download!

This release does not contain many visible changes.
It's actually a code structure rewrite, changes that are need to face the challenge of 2.0

Posted by Julian Casadesus 2009-04-03

TuxGuitar-1.0 has been released

After more than two years of development, TuxGuitar has reached version 1.0. This version is considered stable based on community testing.

TuxGuitar has become a usable software for creating and listening of various tablature formats, but also a software environment for any musician. We are looking forward to improve usability, compatibility with various software and add more utilities.

The development of the next version is starting, but version 1.0 will be supported for a longer time period.

Posted by Julian Casadesus 2008-06-20

TuxGuitar-1.0-rc4 has been released

TuxGuitar-1.0-rc4 is now available to download. This is another bug fix release.

Posted by Julian Casadesus 2008-05-05

TuxGuitar-1.0-rc3 has been released

TuxGuitar-1.0-rc3 is now available to download. This is a bug fix release.

Posted by Julian Casadesus 2008-03-25

TuxGuitar-1.0-rc2 has been released

TuxGuitar-1.0-rc2 is now available to download.
This release contains documentation (we hope to have full documentation available for 1.0 release), and fix some file-format and translation bugs

Posted by Julian Casadesus 2008-03-11

TuxGuitar-0.8 has been released

TuxGuitar-0.8 is now available to download.
News: Power-Tab 1.7 file format and MIDI importers...ASCII Tab exporter...Triplet Feels and Markers included...Now you can see the running notes at the fretboard editor...You can config the fonts, colors and soundbank...For linux users there is available the first tuxguitar-alsa plugin release...

Posted by Julian Casadesus 2006-08-24

TuxGuitar-0.7 has been released

We have released TuxGuitar-0.7, a multitrack guitar tablature editor and player written in Java-SWT, It can open GP3,GP4 and GP5 files.

Changes: A score viewer was added. A transport was added. A clone track option was added. An option to
move a track up and down was added.

Posted by Julian Casadesus 2006-07-18