#24 Save display configuration


I only use the bass instrument track in all the songs I read with TuxGuitar. So every time that I open a music score file with TuxGuitar I have to perform over and over the same tasks: select the bass instrument and minimize the instruments selection window in order to maximize the number of bass measures being displayed

Could you please add a feature that simply saves the display configuration with each music score files when I close it so that the next time that I open this file it will be displayed exactly with the same configuration as it was when I closed it (bass selected, instrument window minimized, whatever Display options hae been selected) ?

An alternative solution (instead of saving the display configuration) for my request :

1/ One way for the bass instrument to be selected by default (my personal choice) when opening a music score file, woud be to give the possibility to change the instrument position number in the instrument window at the bottom as TuxGuitar automatically dysplays the track for the instrument n°1 (all I would have to do would be to modify the music score file by setting the current n°1 instrument with any free position number and then setting the bass instrument with n°1 position)

2/ Regarding the choice of the Instrument Window being open or not when opening a music score file, this could be implemented through a general TuxGuitar Option Menu : "when opening TuxGuitar, should the Instrument window be shown or minimized : Yes/No"