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#15 Ability to shift down/up whole measure

Just me

Sometimes, you just have to shit down or up a whole measure, so that the tab would fit just right. It is so annoying to have to MANUALLY shit up/down everything.............
It would be great if a whole measure could be shifted up/down, or, more so, even a whole row or a score!!!!!
It would be great to have this feature for times when you have to import a midi file into Tux Guitar and start working on it.....
This certainly will be a great time saver!!!


  • Just me
    Just me

    • priority: 5 --> 8

  • Anonymous

    In svn there is a feature to transpose a song. Does that does the work?
    If not, it is a great idea.

  • Just me
    Just me

    Unfortunately, the ability to transpose the whole song by semitones is not a fix for this, because, it does not help you when you just want the same note/pitch to be played, but on a different string. This is the purpose of shifting notes up and down in a score. The problem in general with TuxGuitar regarding these issues is that it has VERY little ability to select multiple notes and edit various stuff, like, for example, shifting up/down a whole row of notes...............

    The only thing that the transposing feature would enable me to do is to transpose everything with 12 semitones lower, which does not bring the desired effect....... Mostly because it shiftes everything down 2 or sometimes 3 strings..............