TUTOS New Release 1.5

On June 29 the latest release of TUTOS went public

The 1.5.20090629 release introduces some new features and as always fixes everything that looks like a bug and we have seen since the last release.

New: (highlights only)

1) Stored Queries for overview pages.
You can store a query that has produced a overview page.
The queries are simply stored as URL objects of some
special category and can be made public usiong permissions.
2) Virtual groups for access control. Now it is possible to give permissions to groups like "Developers of project X" where the membership questions is resolved whenever someone tries to gain access.
3) A module creating rss feeds.
4) permissions for mytutos info blocks generated by modules
The permission block allows you to define the blocks seen on mytutos.
5) State transition control. It is now possible to define the States and state tansitions possible in Projects , Tasks , Invoices etc. It is also possible to limit the asllowed transitions to a some users and/or groups.
6) module specific config pages (see admin_show.php)

and a lot more. Just have a look on the ChangeLog file

Posted by Gero Kohnert 2009-06-30