Rename Turck MMCache

  • Thien

    I suggest combining forces with PHP Accelerator by combining communities, websites, and projects.

    I'm noticing that the mmcache and PHP Accelerator projects and communities are struggling for critical mass needed to sustain themselves.  I'm suggesting to both groups the possibility of combining ..

    No offense meant to any developers.  Both products have many good attributes, but without critical mass of both users and developers the products don't keep up with changes and lack the vibrant interflow found in forums of popular open-source projects like phpbb and

  • I joined SourceForge specifically to contribute to this project today...

    What about:

    GINZE - As in ("Ginze" Is Not Zend Encoder)

    • Alan Campbell
      Alan Campbell

      I like the whole recursive acronym idea, always reminds you of the roots of OS!

      How about simple ideas such as:
      o TNT (TNT's Not Turck)
      o ANA (ANA's Not an Accelerator)
      o ANAE (ANAE's Not an Acceleration Engine)

      More commercial-sounding names such as "Advanced Caching Engine - ACE" or "pCache" etc may appeal more to corporate users (everyone likes shiny wapping paper...)