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#2 Follow up to previous feature requests

Matt Watkins

Sorry about creating a new thread, but it doesn't seem
like Sourceforge is set up for threaded discussion
within this section. Sorry, too, about the brain freeze
in requesting a feature (Save All Files) that is
already included.

Not sure how to document the crashes I've experienced.
The computer doesn't freeze, Turbo Pad simply Exits. I
was pasting code snippets between similar HTML
documents, one that was a complete page the other that
broke out sections (I was creating Blosxom head, story,
and foot files after first testing the page as a
whole). It didn't crash every time--I was able to
complete the task in Turbo Pad--but it Exited on its
own several times.

There are a few other features I'd like to see that I
don't think are on your list already:

1. A nifty feature in the old EditPad Classic was its
interface for deciding between Fixed Width and Variable
Fonts for Screen and for Print. If you don't have a
copy, I can provide one (it's no longer distributed,
but I believe the license allows me to give you a
copy--if not, I can provide screen shots).

2. I know by "Opening and saving files from FTP" you
probably mean SCP and SFTP, but just in case...
Dreamweaver didn't and wouldn't, so I completely gave
up on it. Not that it's a hardship to use WinSCP, but
SCP/SFTP support would be a very convenient Turbo Pad

3. Multi-file replace inspires loyalty like few other
features. Cream (for Vim) and Homesite come to mind as
GUIs that saved my butt a couple of times.

4. When you select 'New' in Amaya you're given several
choices for the kind of new document you'd like to
create. I see this an extension of Turbo Pad's superb
template system--if you're editing a HTML document and
you select 'New' then you're presented with the HTML
templates by name.

Again, thanks for creating such an amazing program.


  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins

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    • assigned_to: nobody --> mattwat
  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins

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    To add a comment, you should be able to just type a comment
    into the Attach a comment box and click submit.

    Theres no need to apologize about the Save all request,
    its pretty easy to miss seeing if you havent been using
    Turbo Pad for a while.

    Ive been testing copying and pasting between files to see
    if I could get Turbo Pad to crash, but I cant seem to
    reproduce this bug. Are you using the latest version of
    Turbo Pad? This might be a bug in an older version. Could
    you provide me with some more information about what you
    were doing when the crash occurred such as if you were using
    auto indent, brace highlighting, word wrap or any other
    options that might affect copying and pasting?

    Im not completely sure what you mean in number 1. I
    re-wrote the entire Turbo Pad option system, so the next
    version will have full support for changing font options if
    thats what you mean. This will include support for
    switching between Fixed Width and Variable Width fonts and
    changing font face names.

    About number 2, I was just talking about plain FTP. Im sure
    I could implement SCP and SFTP support also, although I
    really have no idea how I would do so since I am not very
    familiar with SCP and SFTP.

    I agree that Find/Replace in multiple files is a very useful
    feature. Ill make sure I get this implemented in a future

    I havent used Amaya in a while so I dont really remember
    much about the New feature. Would the feature you are
    describing present the user with multiple templates they
    could start editing, or just list all of the Turbo Pad HTML

    Finally, thanks for all of your feedback regarding Turbo
    Pad. Hopefully I will be able to get everything you
    suggested implemented in the near future.

  • Brett

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    Turbo Pad just crashed for the first time since you posted
    your response. I'm using v0.12b. I have it set up to Show
    Fold Margin, Show Line Numbers, Auto Indent, and Highlight
    Braces. I opened a code fragment, foot.html, a Blosxom
    footer. I checked Word Wrap and it crashed. It doesn't crash
    every time I do this, but in this instance it crashed.

    The request about fonts wasn't just about being able to
    change fonts, though I'm really pleased this feature will be
    built into future versions of Turbo Pad. My request was an
    attempt to describe the logic/presentation that might be
    used in displaying the interface through which fonts would
    be configured. Basically, I was trying to say that I always
    liked EditPad Classic's way of presenting this user option.

    I know nothing about implementing SCP or SFTP, just that the
    developer of WinSCP uses PuTTY's code (MIT licensed) as his
    building block. I've had generally non-alarmist,
    non-interventionist sysadmins who wouldn't let me use FTP,
    only SCP and SFTP. From this I surmised that it was a
    reasonable security precaution.

    In a perfect world, I'd love to see the Amaya-style
    templates broken out by family, so selecting the category
    HTML would lead to sub-categories that offered template
    options for HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 Transitional, XHTML 1.0
    Strict, etc. All user configurable, of course.

    Sorry for being so pushy with the requests. I'm not like
    this unless encouraged, and I don't encourage encouragement.
    But if this is at all useful to you and other Turbo Pad
    developers, it's the least I can do. Again, thanks for
    sharing such a fantastic program.

  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins

    Logged In: YES

    From what you described this bug appears to be a Word Wrap
    bug. I've managed to reproduce it and I am currently trying
    to find out what is causing the bug.

    I'll be sure to look into EditPad Classic's interface for
    configuring font options. Unfortunately, Turbo Pad doesn't
    have any options dialogs yet, but when I get around to
    designing them I'll make sure I keep this in mind.

    SCP and SFTP are much more secure than FTP, but they would
    also be harder to implement support for. From what I can
    tell, the best way for me to add support for SCP and SFTP
    would be to call the Putty command line tools from Turbo Pad
    instead of attempting to re-invent the wheel and add a full
    SCP/SFTP client inside of Turbo Pad. This would be possible
    if I added support for full user configuration of tools
    instead of just support for compile, build and run.
    Hopefully I will add support for this in the future.

    To implement sub-categories for templates would most likely
    involve adding highlighter support for each version of HTML
    and XHTML, which isn't really possible at the current time
    since all HTML/XHTML highlighting is done by a single HTML
    highlighter. However, if I can figure out a way to do this
    without implementing highlighters for each version, I'll try
    to implement this feature. You should be able to do
    something similar to this under the current system, however,
    by simply editing the HTML.tpl file in the Templates
    directory of the Turbo Pad install directory. As an example,
    typing dxs + Ctrl+Space while editing HTML will insert the
    XHTML 1.0 strict doctype, dxt would be XHTML 1.0
    transitional, dx would be XHTML 1.1, etc. It would be fairly
    easy to combine some templates to create a document template
    for different versions of HTML/XHTML.

    Feature requests, bug reports, etc. are very helpful and are
    important to the development of Turbo Pad. I wouldn't
    consider submitting some feature requests to be pushy; I
    would actually like people to submit _more_ feature requests
    and bug reports so that we can develop Turbo Pad for its
    users instead of its developers.

  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins

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    The word wrap bug has been fixed. This fix will be included
    in the upcoming v0.14b.

  • Brett

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    Why can't the rest of the world be like this? Thanks for
    spending the time on this bug. Cannot wait to see v.0.14b.