#92 IE7 (and IE6) fails in tgext.admin with tw.dojo


IE7 (and in some cases IE6) shows "IE cannot display this webpage" when submitting a form. This is a known IE bug with redirects returned from POST in certain circumstances.

This occurs in unmodified TG2 quickstart when tw.dojo is added into it. Layout bugs occur even without tw.dojo.

IE8 seems to have fixed the redirect problem. The layout bugs show up in it.

Screenshots using IE7 and IE8 + steps to reproduce are included. Tested with TG 2.0.3.

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Steps to reproduce (TG2 install)
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IE7 layout bug, no dojo
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IE8 layout bug, no dojo
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IE7 layout bug, dojoxDataGrid
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IE8 layout bug, dojoxDataGrid
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IE7 failure screen on submit
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NB. Tested on Ubuntu Jaunty, using distro python2.5.
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I'm shocked by this. Dojo fails in ie?

Anyway it seems you are presenting two bugs in the same ticket. One is about ie's redirect support the other is about CSS.

The CSS bug should be fixed in tgext.admin templates the dojo stuff I'm not sure.
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tmu, can you try this with the latest sprox, tw.dojo, tgext.admin? I want to see if dojo 1.4.2 fixes this.
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see also #2473

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