#69 Server error instead of stack trace when code contains non-ascii chars


Here is how to reproduce the problem:

create a new project with paster quickstart
in the index controller, insert flash(u"Hallöle!") (and save the file with utf-8 encoding)
this should work and display a nice flash message
pretend you made a mistake by removing the u in front of the unicode string above
now you get a server error without any clue where to search for the error
the log output does not help either

This seems to be a problem of weberror (this happened with weberror 0.10.1). I was able to work around this by encoding short_er and long_er in weberror.evalexception.format_eval_html. It's currently not clear to me where weberror is developed, is this part of Pylons? We need to get this fixed properly in weberror and make TG2 use the fixed version.

02/24/09 15:11:23 changed by jorge.vargas

weberror was originally paste.something now it's a separate package maintained by the pylons people I believe mainline is http://knowledgetap.com/hg/weberror/
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WebError? is a seprate package, but errors in WebError? can be reported on the pylons ticket tracker or pylons list as Ben and Philip both run the WebError? project too.
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The same problem still exists with the current tip of the weberror repository mentioned by Jorge. I'll report this to the Pylons ML now.
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if this is reported to Pylons, shall we close it on our end?
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So far I had only reported it on the mailing list but nobody cared. I have now created Pylons ticket 606 with a pure Pylons test case for this problem.

Not sure if we should close such tickets. It reminds me or other TG developers to help out with a patch when we find some time, and TG users may also search for this in our active tickets.


    • version: 2.1.0 --> 2.1.5
    • milestone: 2.2.0 --> 2.3.0
    • status: open --> migrated