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Getting Help



If you have come here to seek help with installation problems, be sure to check out the :doc:`Installation Troubleshooting </1.0/InstallTroubleshooting>` page first!

There are several ways to receive help when you're stuck. Whether you need help with TurboGears or a component within, like SQLObject or Kid, you can find a resource here.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a great way to talk about what's happening with TurboGears, though they also serve as a great place to request help from experienced individuals. Here is a table of mailing lists for TurboGears and its components.


Please note that for some of these lists, messages from new members are moderated to reduce spam. So if you post a message and it does not appear on the list immediatley, please wait a few hours before resending it, since it is probably just waiting to be approved by a moderator.

TurboGears -- This is the primary mailing list for TurboGears users. If you're running a TurboGears release and have questions, comments or suggestions, this is the place to go.

TurboGears-Trunk -- If you're running code directly from svn and have questions or comments about things that are not in a current release, this is the list for you.

TurboGears-Announcements -- A very low volume moderated list for announcements.

TurboGears-Docs -- Mailing list for the documentation editors. If you have questions or comments about the documentation or would like to help, write to this list (member-only-posting group).

TurboGears-Sprint -- Information for upcoming :doc:`Sprints </SprintOrganization>` can be found here.

TurboGears-Tickets -- This list tracks new tickets or ticket changes on trac. It is read-only and will receive automatic notifications from trac whenever a ticket is created or modified.

TurboGears-Commits -- Receives notifications of commits to the TurboGears Subversion repository. For developers, read-only, low-volume.

TurboGears-Docs-Changes -- This list tracks changes to the TurboGears documentation wiki. It is read-only and will receive automatic notifications from MoinMoin when a page on the wiki is modified.

TurboGears-Builds -- This list receives notifications from the TurboGears buildbot. It is read-only and will only receive automatic status reports from the buildbot when a build failed.

Non-English Lists

TurboGears-es -- Lista en castellano sobre desarrollo de aplicaciones web utilizando el "framework" TurboGears.

TurboGears-ja -- TurboGearsに関する日本のコミュニティ発足に向けてのグループ。 TurboGearsとTurboGearsに関連するプロジェクトの日本での情報交換をしたいな。

TurboGears PT-BR -- Discussion in Portuguese.

TurboGears RU -- Discussion in Russian.

Turbogears Component Projects

MochiKit -- Discussion and help requests related to MochiKit

Kid-template-discuss -- Discussion and help requests related to the Kid Templating system.

SQLObject-discuss -- Discussion and help requests related to SQLObject

CherryPy-users -- Discussion and help requests related to CherryPy


The official IRC channel is #turbogears on irc.freenode.net.


This wiki is the central repository for the official TurboGears documentation. Start by visiting the :doc:`index` and there select the version of TurboGears you are using.

The :doc:`RoughDocs </1.0/RoughDocs>` section acts as a collection point for user-contributed and unpolished documentation. We encourage all to contribute, but at the same time we can't vouch for the accuracy of the included information.

Professional Support

If you wish to obtain professional services related to TurboGears, have a look on our :doc:`TurboGears consultants </TurboGearsConsultants>` page.