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What's New in TurboGears 1.1



  • Standard quickstart template with new design using Genshi templates.
  • New testing framework based on WebTest.
  • Quickstart can create a Elixir-based identity model fully compatible with the plain SQLAlchemy one.
  • I18n support for Genshi templates.
  • Full support for multiple database with SQLAlchemy.
  • Comes packaged with up-to-date MochiKit library.
  • Better integration of ToscaWidgets.
  • Quickstarted projects provide a data bootstrap command line tool.
  • Lots of improvements and bug-fixes to Widgets and validators.
  • Many, many other fixes and small improvements. For a full list, please see the :doc:`ChangeLog`...


Kid templates and SQLObject are still fully support in TurboGears 1.1, but we suggest new comers to use the recommended Genshi and SQLAlchemy combination instead.