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doc 2011-01-29 chrisz [r7220] Some more eol-style properties needed to be rem...
thirdparty 2008-08-28 carndt [r5283] Ignore thirdparty checkouts
tools 2011-07-14 cito [r7368] Update the version number in
turbogears 2011-07-14 cito [r7375] Bump version numbers for next bugfix releases.
CHANGELOG.txt 2011-07-14 cito [r7365] Added ChangeLog for current versions.
CONTRIBUTORS.txt 2007-10-27 faide [r3557] Added the contributors who signed our statement...
LICENSE.txt 2007-07-21 fredlin [r3338] merging [3333:3337] from 1.1 2011-01-29 chrisz [r7218] Cleared the remaining eol-style properties. If ...
README.txt 2006-03-22 kevin [r987] testing 2009-10-22 chrisz [r6915] Updated ez_setup. Required setuptools 0.6c11 in...
setup.cfg 2011-05-04 cito [r7307] Adapted download url to new server. 2011-07-14 cito [r7364] Fix some problems with Py 2.3 and Py 2.4.
test.cfg 2011-01-29 chrisz [r7218] Cleared the remaining eol-style properties. If ...

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Front-to-back web development megaframework.

TurboGears joins CherryPy, Kid, MochiKit and SQLObject to provide
a comprehensive web development toolkit.

TurboGears is licensed under an MIT-style license (see LICENSE.txt).
Other incorporated projects may be licensed under different licenses.
All licenses allow for non-commercial and commercial use.