Code Log

Commit Date  
[r3584] by paj

Provide a format to CalendarDateTimePicker

2007-10-30 18:35:19 Tree
[r3583] by paj

Creating a branch for SA/FastData work

2007-10-30 18:32:47 Tree
[r3482] by faide

Fixed wrong download URL in setup.cfg

2007-09-09 12:36:59 Tree
[r3387] by carndt

Apply second patch from ticket #1352

2007-07-30 15:43:00 Tree
[r2941] by faide

Patch provided by Chris Arndt. Thanks! Make FastData work
with 1.0.2

2007-04-29 15:51:12 Tree
[r1851] by kevin


2006-09-07 03:01:27 Tree
[r1792] by alberto

Comitting #1075

2006-08-21 21:50:18 Tree
[r1638] by elvelind

fix 730. FastData ignores SQLObject title on Boolean columns

2006-07-16 21:41:27 Tree
[r1637] by elvelind

fix #1030. quick easy bug fix for RelatedJoins in FastData

2006-07-16 21:35:39 Tree
[r1488] by alberto

Fixed datagrid.kid to use proper markup for thead

2006-05-17 12:14:56 Tree
[r1485] by alberto

Formmaker and FastDataGrid now support all columns for an InheritableSQLObject. Closes #581 and #434

2006-05-13 23:55:31 Tree
[r1391] by alberto

The value sent to a form at display should *always* be a dict.

2006-05-06 10:12:28 Tree
[r1369] by alberto

Modified 'get_edit_url' and 'get_delete_url' in FastDataGrid to take the whole row as a parameter. This way we can generate urls based in other attributes besides the lame 'id'. Anyone passing their custom functions to the grid should upgrade them to expect the row as parameter (the change is trivial as seen in the diff for the default getters).

2006-05-04 13:01:00 Tree
[r1304] by kevin

tagging 0.9a5 for FastData

2006-04-29 12:05:56 Tree
[r1251] by godoy

Updating from update_data to the new update_params on both: code and test suite.

2006-04-26 18:51:50 Tree
[r1196] by alberto

Tweaked the getters for edit/add/delete url in FastDataGrid for the changes introduced at [1153]

2006-04-20 21:41:42 Tree
[r1155] by alberto

Applying Jorge's patch at #764. Thanks!

2006-04-19 14:08:44 Tree
[r1121] by simon

Pathces from #707 and #723.

2006-04-10 21:17:41 Tree
[r1086] by kevin

fixing up setup file

2006-04-04 17:35:50 Tree
[r1085] by kevin

tagging FastData

2006-04-04 17:31:38 Tree
[r1084] by kevin

cleanup to produce a working plugin

2006-04-04 17:30:08 Tree
[r1082] by kevin

getting things in shape

2006-04-04 17:16:49 Tree
[r1080] by kevin

copying fastdata package into the new project

2006-04-04 16:58:08 Tree
[r1079] by kevin

standard directories for svn

2006-04-04 16:56:43 Tree
[r1078] by kevin

Adding FastData as a new project

2006-04-04 16:53:13 Tree