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-The development of the next generation of the TurboGears project is
-happening in a new repository at http://turbogears2.sourceforge.net+If you are looking for the TurboGears 1 code: It is located under
+the branches directory with branches/1.5 being the latest branch.
+If you are looking for the TurboGears 1 documentations: It is
+located under the docs directory, docs/1.5 for the latest version.
+If you are looking for other TurboGears 1 related projects: They
+are located under the projects directory, e.g. projects/TurboKid.
+The SourceForge project page is at http://turbogears1.sourceforge.net/.
+If you are looking for the current TurboGears 2 code: It is developed
+as a different project at http://turbogears2.sourceforge.net/.