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[r7406] by cito

Mention the location of the TurboGears 1 branches.

2012-03-24 10:53:44 Tree
[r7405] by cito

Minor fixes in the i18n data model.

2012-02-09 22:41:32 Tree
[r7404] by cito

Some clean-up, fixes and SA tests in turbogears.i18n.

2012-02-02 10:18:20 Tree
[r7403] by cito

Mention one more CherryPy setting that changed.

2011-12-05 09:07:28 Tree
[r7402] by cito

Improved classifiers.

2011-12-01 14:11:43 Tree
[r7401] by cito

Update the version number for the next release.

2011-12-01 13:52:29 Tree
[r7400] by cito

Tagging the 1.6.3 release.

2011-12-01 13:48:59 Tree
[r7399] by cito

Make the cancel() method work as advertized in the docstring.

2011-12-01 13:48:03 Tree
[r7398] by cito


2011-11-27 00:01:25 Tree
[r7397] by cito

Updated the classifiers.

2011-11-26 23:27:02 Tree
[r7396] by cito

Bump version number for next bugfix release.

2011-11-26 21:41:25 Tree
[r7395] by cito

Tag the 1.5.1 release.

2011-11-26 21:39:53 Tree
[r7394] by cito

Prepare the 1.5.1 release of TurboGears.

2011-11-26 21:10:50 Tree
[r7393] by cito

Added documentation for deploying TG 1.5 behind a WSGI server.

2011-11-26 21:04:44 Tree
[r7392] by cito

Improved visit tool debug messages.

2011-11-20 10:22:27 Tree
[r7391] by cito

Require compatible versions with Python 2.4.

2011-11-18 09:06:31 Tree
[r7390] by cito

Require compatible versions with Python 2.4.

2011-11-18 08:52:10 Tree
[r7389] by cito

Support httponly visit cookies as suggested by Toshio.

2011-11-17 22:27:13 Tree
[r7388] by cito

Not noteworthy refinements.

2011-11-15 20:23:59 Tree
[r7387] by cito

Let start_server() return the WSGI app for use in a WSGI script.

2011-10-11 16:50:09 Tree
[r7386] by cito

Don not start engine in embedded mode by default.

2011-10-11 12:28:47 Tree
[r7385] by cito

Better control over starting and stopping TurboGears and CherryPy.

2011-10-11 12:22:39 Tree
[r7384] by cito

Move tg.fancy_exception config to more appropriate place.

2011-10-11 09:15:53 Tree
[r7383] by cito

Make tg.fancy_exception work properly with CherryPy 3.1 and higher.

2011-10-11 09:06:22 Tree
[r7382] by cito

WebTest 1.3 does not run with Python < 2.5.

2011-10-08 13:47:26 Tree
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