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File Date Author Commit
docs 2009-11-30 percious [r6966] updates to the tg stack docs and for tg2.1a3.
dynamic 2007-07-11 carndt [r3249] - Hosted by by WebFaction image link in footer
newdocs 2011-01-30 percious [r7227] Updated download links
testdocs 2007-10-27 faide [r3561] Removing obsolete tgsetup.py
README.txt 2008-05-13 carndt [r4571] Remove obsolete docs from web site and set up r...
externals.py 2007-01-03 kevin [r2335] fixes the site_resources url
setup.cfg 2007-05-02 turbogears [r2975] updated tg-setup and version on turbogears.org
setup.py 2006-08-10 kevin [r1734] website generation stuff

Read Me

TurboGears web site

This directory contains the files to build the static & dynamic part of the
main TurboGears web site (http://www.turbogears.org).

To build & update the static files for the website and to add files to the
download section, you need SSH access to the turbogears.org server. If you
think you need to get an account, please contact the TurboGears systems 
administrators (sysadmin@turbogears.org).

When you have an account, please refer to the file ``admin_docs/README-Release``
in the home directory on the server for instructions how to update the web