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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r7372] by cito

Tag the 1.0.10 bugfix release.

2011-07-14 20:30:02 Tree
[r7371] by cito

Require ToscaWidgets 0.9.12 since 0.9.11 does not recognize TG 1.5 properly.

2011-07-14 16:43:19 Tree
[r7370] by cito

Code clean-up, use consistent quotation style.

2011-07-14 15:29:55 Tree
[r7369] by cito

Code clean-up, use consistent quotation style.

2011-07-14 15:15:35 Tree
[r7368] by cito

Update the version number in tgsetup.py.

2011-07-14 10:43:23 Tree
[r7367] by cito

We want to skip the 1.5b3/rc1 and directly release 1.5.

2011-07-14 10:06:10 Tree
[r7366] by cito

Spurious blank in identity recipes.

2011-07-14 09:00:28 Tree
[r7365] by cito

Added ChangeLog for current versions.

2011-07-14 08:57:38 Tree
[r7364] by cito

Fix some problems with Py 2.3 and Py 2.4.

2011-07-14 07:50:50 Tree
[r7363] by cito

Pass the error message when loading a plugin failed.

2011-07-13 09:23:58 Tree
[r7362] by cito

Adapted test_safemultipart for CherryPy 3.2.

2011-07-09 15:36:40 Tree
[r7361] by cito

Added test for Flash client uploads (Trac #1953, SF #16).

2011-07-09 13:01:31 Tree
[r7360] by cito

Use cherrypy.root.mount() for mounting the root controller (Trac #2549, SF #13).

2011-07-09 09:54:09 Tree
[r7359] by cito

Automagic join did not work with old SQLAlchemy versions.

2011-07-08 19:18:56 Tree
[r7358] by cito

Avoid duplicate processing of parameters at external redirects (Trac #2451, SF #10, RH #663277).

2011-07-08 16:57:25 Tree
[r7357] by cito

Corrected find_links in setup.cfg for newer version.

2011-07-08 14:22:13 Tree
[r7356] by cito

Added HTTPS redirect recipe for TG 1.5 using tools.proxy.

2011-07-06 21:14:32 Tree
[r7355] by cito

Require dateutil >= 1.5 because that's needed by TGScheduler anyway.

2011-07-06 17:15:41 Tree
[r7354] by cito

Require dateutil version < 2 because version 2 and up are for Python 3.

2011-07-06 16:50:28 Tree
[r7353] by cito

Make identity work with the SQLObject 1.1.1.

2011-07-06 11:40:29 Tree
[r7352] by cito

Suppress ImportWarning in i18n.data that shows up with Python 2.7.2.

2011-07-06 11:12:02 Tree
[r7351] by cito

Adapted tests to Python 2.7.2.

2011-07-06 09:40:36 Tree
[r7350] by cito

Adapted tests for collecting strings to default restriction to templates directories.

2011-07-06 08:29:31 Tree
[r7349] by cito

Collect strings only from Genshi files in the templates directory.
Otherwise, if there are HTML files which are not Genshi templates,
tg-admin i18n collect will throw errors (SF #31).

2011-07-03 18:28:37 Tree
[r7348] by cito

tg-admin i18n collect did not find master template (SF #27).

2011-07-03 17:38:21 Tree
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