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[r6746] by carndt

Fix more issues with MoinMoin wiki header

2009-09-30 12:15:11 Tree
[r6745] by kskuhlman

Port r6651 to 1.5, plus add module setup & teardown to test_visit, since CP3 is pedantic about clean exits.

2009-09-30 03:59:00 Tree
[r6744] by kskuhlman

log_debug_info_hook is now log_debug_info_filter. This was already changed & noted in the changelog, but snuck back in during merges.

2009-09-30 03:47:21 Tree
[r6743] by kskuhlman

Add myself to contributors

2009-09-30 03:45:54 Tree
[r6742] by carndt

Exclude SVN files when updating MoinMoin theme

2009-09-29 15:03:42 Tree
[r6741] by carndt

Add MoinMoin theme for to repository

2009-09-29 15:01:51 Tree
[r6740] by rick446

Fix for bug in new (and soon-to-be-deprecated) lookup code where it would call all the properties on a controller object, which can cause problems if the property isn't safe to be accessed at dispatch time. For now, ignore the error and continue inspecting the object. Also remove a pdb.set_trace() that was in code that's supposed to be dead, but you never know. :/

2009-09-29 14:44:13 Tree
[r6739] by carndt

Add better docstring to util.adapt_call explaining what's going on

2009-09-29 10:40:09 Tree
[r6738] by carndt

Better tests for identity.from(_any)_host

2009-09-27 21:35:29 Tree
[r6737] by carndt

Correctly check if request is available in identity._remoteHost in 1.5 branch and return None if remote IP cannat be determined in all 1.x branches

2009-09-27 21:24:08 Tree
[r6736] by carndt

Allow widget default values which evaluate to False (#2376)

2009-09-27 19:02:33 Tree
[r6735] by carndt

Test that doctype is not included in Turbofeeds Genshi template output

2009-09-27 18:25:34 Tree
[r6734] by carndt

Small improvement to TurboFeeds release script

2009-09-27 18:24:36 Tree
[r6733] by carndt

Small correction to TurboFeeds docs in

2009-09-27 18:23:45 Tree
[r6732] by carndt

Tagging TurboFeeds release 0.2b

2009-09-27 04:00:54 Tree
[r6731] by carndt

Argh! Also fix to SVN URL in TurboFeeds release script

2009-09-27 03:59:32 Tree
[r6730] by carndt

Another fix to TurboFeeds release and website upload script

2009-09-27 03:50:13 Tree
[r6729] by carndt

Fix TurboFeeds release script and ignore Komodo project file

2009-09-27 03:44:48 Tree
[r6728] by carndt

Bulk commit to TurboFeeds to check-in changes for next release

2009-09-27 03:36:36 Tree
[r6727] by percious

added repoze.why.why.why

2009-09-26 19:54:45 Tree
[r6726] by percious

put everyting in an alpha1 dir

2009-09-26 19:14:11 Tree
[r6725] by percious

added index files

2009-09-26 19:08:51 Tree
[r6724] by percious

initial 2.1 index creation

2009-09-26 19:07:47 Tree
[r6723] by percious

adding tg21_index dir.

2009-09-26 17:50:55 Tree
[r6722] by kskuhlman

Merge r6652 to 1.5

2009-09-26 02:52:31 Tree
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