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[r63] by kevin

tagging 0.8a1 release

2005-10-13 14:48:49 Tree
[r62] by kevin

fixed text->HTML formatting problem

2005-10-13 14:12:27 Tree
[r61] by kevin

some doc updates. fixed a couple broken tests. added flash fix.

2005-10-13 13:42:41 Tree
[r60] by kevin

doc updates, fix for a typo in controllers

2005-10-12 19:05:57 Tree
[r59] by kevin

different version than expected for FormEncode

2005-10-12 16:22:35 Tree
[r58] by kevin

cleaning up dependencies

2005-10-12 16:20:41 Tree
[r57] by kevin

more doc work, plus added a test function for directly getting the results
of a controller call (get the dictionary back, rather than the JSON
or HTML). Ticket #31*.

2005-10-12 15:35:46 Tree
[r56] by kevin

changed URL class to url function. YAGNI.

2005-10-12 14:43:14 Tree
[r55] by kevin

config guide, wiki tutorial updated for 0.8

2005-10-12 12:34:49 Tree
[r54] by kevin

MochiKit updated to 0.9. Ticket #23*

2005-10-11 18:13:59 Tree
[r53] by kevin

the shell command now uses IPython, if available. by David Guaraglia.

2005-10-11 15:13:56 Tree
[r52] by kevin

revised appearance to fix firefox 1.0.x problem.

2005-10-10 18:49:42 Tree
[r51] by kevin

Sebastian Jansson's redesign for the site.

2005-10-10 03:06:24 Tree
[r50] by team2
2005-10-08 15:03:34 Tree
[r49] by kevin

a new branch for the October 8, 2005 mad dash

2005-10-08 13:02:29 Tree
[r48] by kevin

update to CherryPy 2.1-rc2 (ticket #22*)

2005-10-07 20:19:53 Tree
[r47] by kevin

Files needed for proper egg installation of a TurboGears project are now
captured by the quickstart setup script. This is for ticket #13*.

2005-10-07 19:30:47 Tree
[r46] by kevin

project installation and static directories weren't working properly.

2005-10-07 18:17:18 Tree
[r45] by kevin

improved suggested in #21*

2005-10-07 17:15:34 Tree
[r44] by kevin

removing egg info contents

2005-10-07 16:44:59 Tree
[r43] by kevin

don't log to the screen in production... from Elvelind

2005-10-07 02:21:34 Tree
[r42] by kevin

tg-admin sql list now works, because it's no longer sending along the
undesired "-c" parameter
tg-admin sql commands don't require running a develop before
a quickstarted project can use them.

2005-10-07 02:01:08 Tree
[r41] by kevin

patch to pick up the empty directories needed for quickstart's static
directories, and to prevent the egg_info from running
if you're running quickstart in a dry_run. From Elvelind Grandin.

2005-10-07 01:11:44 Tree
[r40] by kevin

current site doc updates

2005-10-06 15:10:35 Tree
[r39] by kevin

doc updates

2005-10-06 15:10:21 Tree
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