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Tree [r5655] / projects /

File Date Author Commit
FastData 2007-10-30 paj [r3584] Provide a format to CalendarDateTimePicker
FastData2 2007-02-13 plewis [r2587] Fastdata2: started widget creation (widgetfacto...
GenshiQuickStart 2007-12-19 chrisz [r3839] Changed line endings from CRLF to LF.
TemplateBrowser 2007-04-22 fredlin [r2906] templatebrowser: update for pep8
ToolBox2 2008-06-01 mramm [r4649] Removing un-needed twresources stuff
TurboCheetah 2008-05-15 carndt [r4579] Fix TurboCheetah setup.py syntax
TurboFeeds 2007-12-11 carndt [r3816] Update TurboFeeds to post-0.1b release changes
TurboJson 2008-08-24 chrisz [r5226] Preparing release number in TurboJson trunk for...
TurboKid 2008-05-15 carndt [r4582] Update TurboKid meta data and README
apigen 2008-04-25 carndt [r4505] Moved apigen package from branches/1.0 to proje...
tg.devtools 2008-10-31 mramm [r5645] Adding 1.9.7b1 tag to tg.devtools
tgAuthorization 2008-10-27 Gustavo [r5632] Added the files required to test Elixir support...
tgDOMinclude 2008-04-28 carndt [r4534] Adding MANIFEST.in to DOMinclude to exclude 'do...
tgDojo 2008-04-07 mbertoldi [r4349] Initial import of tgDojo, a TurboGears widget t...
tgJquery 2008-02-08 fredlin [r4103] clean up
tgLightbox 2008-04-28 carndt [r4531] Tagging Lightbox release 2.1
tgMochiKit 2008-10-29 deets [r5642] enhanced docs & added new release
tgScriptaculous 2008-04-28 carndt [r4521] Moved wiget projects from /widgets to /projects...
tgTinyMCE 2008-04-28 carndt [r4521] Moved wiget projects from /widgets to /projects...
tgcrud 2008-07-08 fredlin [r4905] tgcrud: expand support tg versions
tgcurvycorners 2008-03-12 faide [r4230] version 0.1.1 is the first functionnal version.
tgrepozewho 2008-06-01 percious [r4654] all authentication predicates are now tested.
tgsetupng 2008-07-23 carndt [r5025] Fix typo in create_tgsetupng.py script