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[r5655] by mramm

More transaction.commit() explanation, this time for the script.

2008-11-03 23:43:38 Tree
[r5654] by mramm

Updated TG2 wiki example to explain the new transaction manager

2008-11-03 23:36:49 Tree
[r5653] by mramm

Fixing small typo.

2008-11-03 23:29:10 Tree
[r5652] by mramm

A few doc updates, mostly config related. Definitely more to come.

2008-11-03 23:04:15 Tree
[r5651] by mramm

Updating the quickstart doc with the new auth question.

2008-11-03 23:02:24 Tree
[r5650] by mramm

Updated config to allow you to turn off more stuff without subclassing AppConfig.

Updated tests.base.TestConfig to call AppConfig's __init__ so that changes to config defaults don't break the tests unessisarily.

Updated AppConfig docstrings somewhat.

Updated README.txt to get rid of info that didn't belong.

2008-11-03 21:53:23 Tree
[r5649] by mramm

A few updates to the config docs.

2008-11-03 04:34:37 Tree
[r5648] by mramm

Removing old warning

2008-11-01 07:15:35 Tree
[r5647] by mramm

More wiki20 fixes

2008-11-01 07:14:27 Tree
[r5646] by mramm

Wiki20 updates to close ticket #2026
Updated to downloads and contributing docs from another ticket.

2008-11-01 07:00:15 Tree
[r5645] by mramm

Adding 1.9.7b1 tag to tg.devtools

2008-10-31 04:05:10 Tree
[r5644] by mramm

Upping tg.devtools version number.

2008-10-31 04:03:40 Tree
[r5643] by Gustavo

Quickstarted projects had to use auth by mistake. This has been fixed.

2008-10-29 16:46:40 Tree
[r5642] by deets

enhanced docs & added new release

2008-10-29 08:25:49 Tree
[r5641] by percious

added Pygments egg.

2008-10-29 05:56:39 Tree
[r5640] by percious

added a more recent peak-rules

2008-10-29 05:50:52 Tree
[r5639] by mramm

adding simplejson and genshi tarballs for those who aren't covered by our binary eggs

2008-10-29 05:35:21 Tree
[r5638] by mramm

* updated to include a repoze.tm2 link
* updates for CSS and crud

2008-10-29 05:04:46 Tree
[r5637] by mramm

Updating TG2 eggs in the index.

2008-10-29 04:39:53 Tree
[r5636] by mramm

Adding new eggs for BeautifulSoup and WebTest.

2008-10-29 03:20:46 Tree
[r5635] by mramm

Updating test and install requirements to fit what's actually required.

Hopefully we can remove the need for SQLAlchemy, and tgext.authorization as hard requirements for the project before beta 2.

2008-10-29 03:02:24 Tree
[r5634] by mramm

A few simple changes.

* Skip rendering if the controller returned a string.
* Don't update the template namespace unless the controller returned a dict
* never, ever look for helpers in a stacked object proxy.
* update to some test infrastructure code that's not yet used.

2008-10-29 02:50:05 Tree
[r5633] by lmacken

Fix a trivial spelling error

2008-10-28 05:52:19 Tree
[r5632] by Gustavo

Added the files required to test Elixir support. They don't pass, so either I've writen the tests badly or it's just not supported.

2008-10-27 16:32:42 Tree
[r5631] by Gustavo

Removed unused variable from the database setup

2008-10-27 16:01:29 Tree
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