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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r5631] by Gustavo

Removed unused variable from the database setup

2008-10-27 16:01:29 Tree
[r5630] by Gustavo

Added tgext.authorization's tag 0.9a1

2008-10-27 14:48:23 Tree
[r5629] by Gustavo

tgext.authorization, former tg.ext.repoze.who, is back in the TG repository (http://groups.google.com/group/turbogears-docs/t/fbf20fe9ecf732f3?hl=en)

2008-10-27 14:45:23 Tree
[r5628] by carndt

Fix wrong paths for packed version of MochiKit 1.4

2008-10-27 14:28:53 Tree
[r5627] by percious

compat for 2.6, added some egg deps. to tg2.

2008-10-27 06:54:20 Tree
[r5626] by percious

fixed index to support python 2.6

2008-10-27 06:49:19 Tree
[r5625] by mramm

Changing the release number since we are skipping a5 and going directly to b1.

2008-10-27 06:47:03 Tree
[r5624] by percious

removed old simplejson eggs.

2008-10-27 00:06:04 Tree
[r5623] by percious

removed old TW widgets.

2008-10-27 00:03:16 Tree
[r5622] by percious

adding dev toscawidgets egg.

2008-10-27 00:02:19 Tree
[r5621] by mramm

Adding updated dependencies.

2008-10-26 23:31:33 Tree
[r5620] by deets

updated dependency for tgMochiKit

2008-10-26 17:42:44 Tree
[r5619] by deets

added MK1.4 (hell seems to be frozen over..)

2008-10-26 17:37:45 Tree
[r5618] by Gustavo

Finished the docs for tgext.authorization's quickstart! Yeah!

2008-10-25 19:22:47 Tree
[r5617] by mramm

Updating to fix DBSession.commit() references

2008-10-25 18:25:44 Tree
[r5616] by Gustavo

Updated the references to "identity" in the SQLAlchemy tutorial

2008-10-25 17:26:35 Tree
[r5615] by Gustavo

Added the (empty) page where I'm going to explain how tgext.authorization works under-the-hood.

2008-10-25 14:37:59 Tree
[r5614] by Gustavo

Finished the docs for tgext.authorization.authorize

2008-10-25 14:30:12 Tree
[r5613] by Gustavo

Finish the introduction to tgext.authorization.

Working on the other documentation for this extension...

2008-10-25 13:09:34 Tree
[r5612] by Gustavo

Updated the auth-related message of 'paster quickstart'

2008-10-25 11:58:21 Tree
[r5611] by Gustavo

Inserted the TOC in the Auth tutorial

2008-10-25 11:56:02 Tree
[r5610] by turbogears

Add more simplejson 2.0.4 binary eggs

2008-10-25 10:51:35 Tree
[r5609] by faide

removing some eggs no more needed.

2008-10-24 21:44:22 Tree
[r5608] by faide

simplejson 2.0.4 for macos (compiled on macosx 10.5) python 2.5

2008-10-24 21:29:15 Tree
[r5607] by faide

Adding simplejson 2.0.4 for linux python 2.5 (I don't have
2.3 on my linux machines.)

2008-10-24 21:22:58 Tree
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